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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Monthly: Sam's July Favorites

Hey guys!

I'm sorry I missed out on last month's favorites.. Ashley and I may alternate from now on depending on our schedules.. and we are so sorry. In fact, we are thinking about putting more mini reviews on our Instagram because it's more on the go and easier to digest! So if you want to see/read something almost everyday, then feel free to follow us there: @samanthashley_ :)

Isn't it such a pretty picture above? I love how their colors come together and look so beautiful! Anyway... some are sponsored, some are personally purchased, but let me promise you that all these thoughts and opinions come straight from the heart! June's been more hectic than usual, as you can see we are now managed by The Sample Store, so woohoo! :) These products have helped me through this very stressful period, and I'll tell you why.

- - 

1) La Mer The Powder

Let me start with my La Mer 'The Powder" which is made of heavenly fine particles! I've just got this about the middle of the month...annnnnd nothing you can say will take me away from the beauty which is this.

The powder is so fine, my Guerlain Meteorites pale in comparison and look like huge chunks of glitter. It never settles into any lines, pores, whatever. Everytime I have it on, it's like I know my skin looks perfect. EVERY TIME. No kidding. I know with some powders we just expect them to oxidize or cake, but this one does neither. And while it doesn't do well with oil control per se, it makes up by allowing your skin to look dewy instead of oily. It lets your skin BREATHE, it lets your skin look G-O-O-D, it lets your skin look soft focused without the need for photoshop AT ALL. If you need more reasons, then go to the La Mer counter to test it out and I assure you, you'll never look at your other powders quite the same way again.

Stockist: Any La Mer Counters (Tangs & Robinsons Orchard)
Price: SGD $123

2) Mac Prep + Prime Lip Primer

I got this because my lipsticks just don't seem to stay smoothly on my dry lips, no matter how much lip balm I seem to apply beforehand. It just got so frustrating that everytime I applied lipstick, some parts would peel off or look horrid in comparison to the other parts of my lip...

Finally, my close friend (Hi Tashy!) convinced me to get this after raving non stop about how well her lippies apply and how long lasting they are with this lip primer below. I was a little hesitant because I'm not too big a fan of primers in general.. but when I saw just how moisturized and lovely my lips looked with this on.. I just shut up and bought it. Say goodbye to disgusting fine lines in between your lips and horrid feathering out whilst eating meals. Now your lips will look freshly painted on for so much longer! ;)

Stockist: Any MAC Counters
Price: Approx. SGD $30

3) Glam Glow Super Mud

We just received this recently from LuxAsia and Escentials as part of a mail package where we were to test out the entire range of GlamGlow (*ahhhhhhh happy scream*). Though this, along with the Youth Mud, were given in sample sizes, there was sufficient product within to test it out for a good few times! I've used this mostly for targeted treatment on my nose and chin as opposed to the whole face because my skin is rather dry and sensitive at this point of time. In this aspect though, it has passed with flying colors because I really feel the gunk being SUCKED OUT by this wondrous mask and my acne/whiteheads/blackheads have significantly reduced! Plus I like how it works like the Pore Strip where you can actually SEE the junk that comes out of your pores! I use this for spot treatment at night sometimes as well and my headless bumps have shrunk to mere pimples!

Stockist: Tangs and Sephora
Price: SGD $92

4) CLIV Max Hyaluronic Stemcell BB Cream

We both received this BB Cream when we attended a CL-IV (pronounced as CL4) event awhile back at SASA. Though we never really heard of this brand before, we were inclined to think that Korean cosmetics, especially in the BB Cream department, were excellent! The fact that it also boosted such assurances of heavy Hyaluronic Acid content which was supposed to add hydration back into our air-condition-beaten skin was just cherry on top of the cake! Ash and I both really like this as we find that a little goes a long way, and though it does start off fair, it does later come to suit your skin tone accordingly. It feels comfortable on, and our skin no longer feels as dry when we are stuck at work the whole day.

Stockists: SaSa Outlets
Price: Approx SGD $48

5) 13 Rushes Flat Top Sculpting Brush

13Rushes was so kind to send us a few more brushes to test out after our previous review, and I couldn't help but pick this one out! It's not one of their new brushes, but I've tried it out at Roseanne's place before and I just LOVED how easily it applied on liquid foundation/BB Cream! It's short bristles make it easy to control and navigate around contours of the face, and its shape just makes blending out a dream! When we were asked what brushes we would like to try again, I already knew I HAD TO have this!

Say goodbye to streaking or buffing-out-a-product-till-its-gone, because this will make sure you've got it all on and you've got it all on FLAWLESSLY. It also doubles up as a quick concealer brush for the undereye if you're in a rush and don't want to change brushes on mornings where you need to run off to work! Can you spell "Perfect", because we can!

Stockist: 13Rushes
Price: SGD $19.80

Do you guys have any favorites this month to share with us? We're always up for trying new things, so do let us know! :)

Have a happy week!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sponsored Review: LJH Cellabel MC Vital CC Cream

Good morning darlings!

A few months back, I was sponsored by HKC Plaza with this LJH Cellabel MC Vital CC Cream. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I never really used base makeup...
I've always been a sunblock/sunscreen kinda gal - but my current skincare bSoul - mentions that I should not use any purely sun protective products during this point of time (explanations in a future bSoul post), so I thought, why not?

That, plus I've been seeing raves of this all over the internet, especially over on fellow Beauty Bloggers' websites! Thus, I took the plunge! And here is what I have to say about it!


LJH stands for LeeJiHam and is known as a "Vital Turnaround CC Cream". You may be wondering why, so here are a few reasons this CC cream is promoted for its amazing qualities:

  • CC Cream does not separate from skin and adheres very closely
  • It feels as light and soft as air when it's on the face
  • It has a certified triple action formula which has whitening, anti-aging, and UVA/B-blocking effects
  • Claims to contain 800x more Vitamin C than apples
  • Contains acacia collagen which provide hydration to skin
  • Helps troubled skin and relieves the issue with elder fruit extract
  • Contains Centella Asiatica which helps with scar treatment
  • 7-free Prescription formula which is great for sensitive skin 
Basically, it is a Makeup, Sun screen and Vitamin C Essence all in one, which is great for those who are great fans of multi-tasking products.


The packaging is of squeeze tube, though it does come with a nozzle.. I kind of find this redundant because I could've squeezed out more (should the product be finishing) on my own than depending on the nozzle. In fact, I haven't reached the halfway mark and am already experiencing some issues so.. yeah, not a big fan.

It does look good though, and I suppose safety wise you can feel assured it won't just pop open and spill all over inside your bag!

Color and Texture

This is the part I find most exciting to talk about. The color!!! Well, technically, there is NO color seeing as it comes out white, but it does transform to suit your own! :) Of course, this isn't new technology - I believe quite a few brands, including the ever famous Body Shop, has already incorporated this technique into their makeup, but it's still pretty exciting nonetheless!

What I love watching is how it blends into the skin as though there's nothing there because it's so easy to spread out and, as it does, you get to watch it transform into another color in front of your very eyes!

The texture is really quite light, but the coverage is not bad! When I use my brush to apply this on my face, my brush gets rather heavily stained (you can see the 13Rushes Flat Top Sculpting Brush below), as opposed to my other BB-creams, so yeah this can be a pretty strong concoction! At the same time, it feels really comfortable on the skin and I don't feel like there's something LYING on top or really irritating it, so yes, thumbs up! :)

As a side note though, this smells very strongly to me of sunblock :\ Which might be due to the high SPF... if you're one who is averse to that smell, I guess you should take note!


I've applied this both with my fingers, a buffing brush, as well as a foundation brush.

Originally, I thought the application with my fingers was fine - but I eventually realized the result wasn't as smooth as when I used my 13Rushes Rounded Kabuki Brush or my 13Rushes Flat Top Sculpting Brush... I felt that, when applied with a brush, the CC cream looked more even and adhered to the skin much better. This ultimately meant I could use less product and have it go a much longer way.

So what I do each time is squeeze out a tiny amount, literally a pea size or half a fingernail but gauge it on the size of your face, dot it all over my skin, and then go over with my brush to spread.

I did try tapping my brush directly onto the product and then placing it on my skin, but the brush ended up "eating" more of the product than my face! Hence, I will still advise using the former method.

Before and After

Here is a Before/After photo, and as you can see, my skin tone is evened out! And hey! My face, for once, isn't a lighter shade than my neck (shadows aside)! The color correction is really pretty awesome, and my skin is smoother! :) I can't say my pores are entirely gone or lessened, because if you zoom in you can still see them.. but on the whole it's still a pretty good product! 

If you've got pretty good skin and you just want some evenness in your skin tone, then I suppose this would be a good call for you! I don't have much acne besides a tiny breakout across my forehead (due to an allergy to something *cries*); on the whole my skin issues aren't anything serious, so I can't speak for those really looking for high coverage. On a final note, this lasts me a good 6-8 hours and doesn't oxidise, which is a real plus!

Overall Thoughts

I do like this CC Cream very much, but I wouldn't say it does GREAT in the hydrating department. Just enough perhaps, for my skin to not feel dry and gross when I'm in aircon all day.. but my pores do still get obvious after awhile (maybe due to my own oil).. Who knows?

As with all base makeup, it performs as well as your skin behaves. Which means - on days that my skin behaves well, this CC cream enhances it and makes my skin look positively radiant and even. On days that my skin is a little more dry and troubled.. this doesn't really hide it that well. I mean, I can kind of accept it though I wish it would be a little more forgiving. I suppose if I piled it on more it would, but I'd rather not.

It performs fine with my sensitive skin and DOESNT break me out at all! When I do remove it properly (I do make sure I do a thorough job when it comes to cleansing), it's fine and gives me zero issues - so that's something I truly appreciate! However.. scar healing-wise, not so much. I don't see it really IMPROVING my skin.. it improves how my skin LOOKS but not how it is.

On the whole, I think this is something much better suited for skin which ranges from very good to only SLIGHTLY troubled.. more than that, I feel this may not hide the issues as well! At the end of the day it all boils down to what you're looking for.

Recommended for:
- Anyone with normal to combination/oily skin.
- Anyone looking for a CC cream that keeps your skin semi-matte

- Anyone looking for a REAL color-correcting cream with good color matching
- Anyone looking for a CC cream that doesn't harm/affect sensitive skin

HKC Plaza (Click to Redirect)
Price: SG$48

Discount for Readers

If you'd like to try out this CC Cream for yourself, then great news!

All you have to do is enter "SB01000JAD" as your 10% Discount Code when you check out! :)

Overall Rating: 7.5 / 10

Any CC Creams you'd like to ask us to try?

Monday, 14 July 2014

Review: Bioderma Cleansing Waters

Hello hello one and all,
We are back with a review on the range of cleansing waters that Bioderma has to offer (we say REVIEW instead of SPONSORED REVIEW because we've bought probably 5 bottles each on our own, besides the ABCDerm range, before we received these ones)! Ashley has written her own post longgggg ago when we first started, but here's a more extensive one.

As you can see in the header image, there are a total of 4 types of Cleansing Waters (in order): ABCDerm (for babies), Sensibio, Sebium, and Hydrabio. To know more about each of them we've broken them down below, along with their details, for your better understanding. But first, let's give you an overview on what Bioderma cleansers are all about.

*This is going to be a very long post because we want to be REALLY thorough. So if you want to skip ahead to the parts you're interested in, please feel free!*

What Their Cleansing Waters are About

Bioderma is well known for their Micellar Cleansing Waters, which combines the freshness of water with the cleansing prowess of oil to take off dirt and makeup from your face.

What are Micelles though, you might wonder? They are very special molecular microstructures that allow impurities, dirt, and excess sebum to be removed without the need to rinse. Suspended in water, they only disband when in contact with the skin.

The secret of micelles is that they are essentially made up of two parts: a hydrophilic component that likes water, and a hydrophobic component that attracts oil.  Having these water and oil loving components mean that the Micellar solution can lift up impurities from our skins without any tugging or strength.

Another amazing feature of the Bioderma H20 is that they use biometic Fatty Acid Esters that act as hydrating agents and are biologically compatible with and have the same PH levels as our skin! Therefore, whilst Bioderma cleanses our skin, it also restores our skin's protective layer! :) 

How to use Bioderma Cleansing Waters

Basic Cleansing: There are many people we know who use Bioderma as part of their morning cleansing rituals. This is because they feel that they don't need a cleanser too harsh or strong when they've basically been sleeping the whole night and haven't accumulated too much oil/dirt on their faces. You can opt to use it at night too as a double cleanse, but it's all up to personal choice! 

Toner: Others we know like to use this as a toner because they want to feel certain that all the gunk is fully off their face even after their cleansers! We don't know how useful this is, personally, but some live by it!

Makeup Removal: Ash and I use this mainly for our makeup removal! We find it really easy on our skin, and it removes our makeup relatively well! Plus we both have dry, sensitive skins, and this is so far one of the best at ensuring that our natural oils aren't taken off during the whole process! All we do is put a generous amount on a face pad and then proceed to wipe our faces with it. Some people complain it doesn't take off waterproof makeup too well, but Ash finds it alright for her eyeliner and I find it sufficient for my BB/CC creams! We do double cleanse, and we both sometimes use the Clarisonic for better cleaning, so everything works out fine! :) 

Do I need to Rinse it off: Well, it's really how comfortable you are with the feeling of the cleansing water on top of your skin! Some people find it comforting and hydrating, but others don't like the slightly tacky feeling. Ash and I prefer to rinse it off too, but do what is comfortable for you. It's originally not meant to be washed off anyway. 


ABCDerms is a high-safety and high-tolerance dermo-paediatric cleanser dedicated to babies and children. It has a gentle formula and delicate texture that helps preserve and restore the skin's natural physiological balance whilst respecting it's fragility, and hence envelopes babies in a tender and protective cocoon. Also, since it is made for babies, it follows a framework of Dermatological Safety Commitment that strictly responds to 4 principles: Safety, Efficacy, Tolerance, and Traceability.

Sam's Thoughts: I passed this to my sister-in-law to try out on my baby niece, who does suffer from slight eczema. She's turning 3 this year (you can check out her insanely adorable face here), so she doesn't use diapers too often since we are toilet training her, but I thought I'd still let her try it out for cleansing purposes to see how gentle it really is.

From my Sis-in-law's reponse, the Bioderma is safe for eczema skin! No allergic reaction AT ALL, and everything went well! It was easy to use and my niece felt zero discomfort. But what she did tell me was that it didn't actually HELP the eczema problem so it didn't go away or lessen, but it was just safe for use! :) For those who have babies or skin with bad eczema, this could be a safe cleanser before whichever medicine or lotion you would like to use on top.


This is the star product of Bioderma as it is suitable for almost everyone, and is especially suitable for sensitive skin as it has both a patented natural complex (a combination of ingredients that consists of saccharides, sugar, golden seaweed extracts) and a soothing cucumber extract to ensure that the skin's natural PH is noted. This is proven to strengthen the skin's resilience and have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

Ashley's Thoughts: I've been using the Bioderma Crealine cleanser for the longest time now and have recently swapped to the Sensibio a couple months back. What's the difference you might ask? Upon dropping an email way back last year to Bioderma, I found out that  they're the same thing except that the Sensibio is targeted towards the asian skin!

I love how gentle it is on my skin and much like most Bioderma Micellar waters, they truly are a weightless cleanser! Having a combination of dry-sensitive skin on most days, this works like a charm. It's alcohol-free and doesn't strip my skin of its moisture, has a fresh to almost no scent and I feel that I can walk around freely right after cleansing before my shower because it doesn't make my skin feel taught at all.

Although it removes my face makeup and eyeliner really well, I do recommend using this for your face and purchasing an oil-based makeup remover to better remove stubborn waterproof makeup (i.e your mascara) because I do find that It takes a little bit more effort to have to soak off my Benefit They're Real Mascara.

I'd have to say that this is probably Sam's and my favourite out of the few cleansers and as it is we've both repurchased it several times. It's a great product to take on the go as well to freshen up especially at the gym or on long haul flights. 


This particular formulation has the Aquaporin Patent which "teaches hydration" so that the skin reconstitutes its own resources to restore its original hydrating abilities. It also contains an apple seed extract that stimulates the skin's natural hydrating capabilities and Vitamin PP that locks in water within the skin's layers.

Sam's Thoughts: I wasn't too big of a fan of Hydrabio, especially as someone who has been used to Sensibio before. I didn't like that there was a scent, which was pretty strong to me. I know people who are impartial to it and find nothing wrong with the fragrance but... as someone who once suffered from almost anything with a smell touching my face, it rose some negative feelings in me.

NOT TO SAY that it didn't do its job or it was lousy or bad or whatever. It worked! Great! My skin did feel slightly more moisturized than it would with Sensibio and there were no bad reactions at all! It was safe to use for my skin and removed makeup as well as Sensibio would/did. I am lucky that my skin has now recovered to a point where it's no longer dry enough for me to require this anymore, but if I had to, I would repurchase.


Bioderma Sebium is for those who suffer from oil-prone skin or dilated pores. It uses copper sulphate and zinc gulconate to purify and regulate sebum production without drying the skin. This is because a Fluidactiv patent improves sebum quality and inhibits comedogenesis.

Ashley's Thoughts: The Sebium line is targeted towards oily skin types. I know what you're thinking.... " don't you have dry-sensitive skin?! how would you have experienced the true benefits of the product? " True, but there are times where my skin changes due to the weather where it can become incredibly oily.

This product right here is non-comedogenic ensuring that it doesn't clog your pores, feels incredibly gentle on your skin and to be very honest,  I don't feel that there's a very significant difference between this and the Sensibio cleanser, they both leave my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. I often find that upon using this when my oily-skin phase pops up, my skin often returns to its normal state within 2 days thanks to the Fluidactiv ingredient that helps normals the sebium (oil) levels within my skin!

Is it greedy to say that I feel you need both the Sebium and the Sensibio in your life when you have an indecisive skin type like I do? I currently have both bottles sitting on my bathroom counter and am not ashamed of it! I do recommend trying this product out if you do have very oily skin, I am certain the effects would magnify and do your skin wonders over time as compared to what is has for me during my oily phases.

Overall Thoughts

We find that Bioderma is quite a love-it-or-hate-it brand. There are the cult fans (a.k.a us) and then there are those determined to hate it - and we've deduced that those who tend to dislike it are those who like to have on heavier makeup or more waterproof makeup.

We agree that Bioderma isn't so great with waterproof mascara or foundations because you will need both patience and the willingness to use quite abit of product - and let's be honest, we are less likely to possess both these two qualities at the end of the day and we're just tired and want to remove everything ASAP and AQAP (as quickly as possible hehe). We admit that sometimes, we ourselves do resort to the stronger oil makeup removers when we are deadbeat and just want to get to bed.

But on a daily basis though, this is really our optimum choice when all we have on is some BB cream, concealer and loose powder. It's more than enough, and we do double cleanse. It just makes our skin feel way more protected, and it has never ever affected our sensitive skin!

I suppose you must weigh out your pros and cons when it comes to this but at the end of the day, Ash and I choose to have healthier skin and that outweighs any cons. I've just recently finished the given bottle of Sensibio and have moved on to my 7th one, so that should tell you enough.

We hope this post has been insightful to all of you, and do leave a comment with your questions if any! :)

Love and Kisses,
Sam & Ash

Friday, 11 July 2014

Monthly: Ashley's June favourites

What do’ya know? It’s already July! Didn’t feel like too long ago where we were celebrating the end of our school year at Lasalle and here we are… 2 months post-school.

This month has really been about discovering staples that would go into my every day makeup routine and pampering sessions because lets face it, we’d all like to get ready a lot quicker in the mornings. Plus! Who doesn’t want to find the perfect products to include at-home pamper regimen after a tiring week at work? Without further ado - here are my top 5 products for the month of June ;)

3CE Cream Blusher in “ Coral Coral” 

I’d never ever thought that I would pick such bright coral cream blush to welcome into my makeup collection. I’ve been using this every single day since I first got it off Luxola to brightens up and brings life to my face (especially on mornings where I look completely zombified).

A very tiny bit goes a long way. The texture is smooth, I don’t find it oily nor greasy when it goes on. You do have to blend almost immediately upon application because it sets pretty quickly.  It’s lasts throughout my day and is definitely build-able product. Granted applying this with a synthetic blush brush like the Real Techniques Blush brush, 13rushes rounded kabuki would help give an airbrushed finished but using your finger tips to blend the product in does the job just as well too! 

stockist -  Luxola 
Price -  SG$22 


3CE  Marble Highlighter in Bling Peach

Highlighters would have never topped the list if I were to name the products that go into my makeup routine. Recently, it has been a staple and is absolutely vital to bringing that subtle healthy glow to to help fake the extra sleep that I obviously lack. The texture isn’t chalky and gives a really natural finish to your #fotd! 

Before you scroll pass this particular section thinking that the product is a completely glitter bomb, it isn’t. The shimmers are incredibly fine and can even be used as an eye shadow base. I apply this to my cheek bones, cupids bow and inner corners of my eyes with a Coastal scents fluffy blending brush.  

stockist -  Luxola
price SG$30 


Innisfree wine jelly peeling scrub

I’ve put off purchasing scrubs because I used to have an obsession with them - ask Sam. Upon a recent trip to the Innisfree store at Ngee Ann City when our dear friend and fellow beauty junkie Cindy (@skinzmakeup) came to town, I purchase this gem. The exfoliating beads are suspended in the grape smelling jelly and an SG$1 size amount would do you the trick! 

I use this twice a week during my pamper evenings so I don’t over scrub my skin and it leaves my skin feeling clean, renewed after an effortless application to the skin. Most importantly it doesn’t strip my skin’s moisture. I’ve used it about 10 times now and It doesn’t appear like I’ve made a dent at all! Who doesn’t love an affordable product that does wonders? 

stockist - Innisfree at Ngee Ann City 
Price- SG$21 


Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil

Don’t get me wrong I love using my Bioderma Micelle Solution to remove my face makeup but when it comes to my eye makeup, it’s a different story. There’s a gotta be a reason why people make it a point to use a cleansing oil before their face wash as part of their double cleanse routine and I finally know why. 

The oil lifts off and dissolves the makeup much like the cleansing sherbet that I adore and have run out of from 3CE. You won’t see a single trace of residue after your routine and makes so much of a difference, perhaps not one that is visible but one that you an feel. Even for stubborn mascara’s, you’ll see and feel that you’re mascara has been completely stripped off your face leaving you with a clean canvas!

To apply I take a generous amount, spread it between my palms and gently massage the oil into my skin to dissolve the makeup. Once the makeup has “melted” off my face, I dampen my finger tips and massage my face to emulsify the oil. The process takes less than a minute depending on the amount of makeup you have on to which I rinse off righter after. There’s nothing like going to bed with clean skin. 

stockist -  Innisfree at Ngee Ann City 
Price -  SG$21 


Bobbi Brown Sand Palette 

I've searched long and hard for a palette that encompasses both matte and shimmery neutrals that I could incorporate into my every day makeup routine. This baby right here satisfies my craving for the perfect neutrals palette. 4:4 the perfect ratio of mattes to shimmers, I also find myself using the matte shadows to fill in my brows on mornings where I have more time.

The packaging is also incredibly summery as you can tell from the header image, there's nothing I don't like about it. There's also a mirror on the flip side of the palette so it's perfect to take on holidays. The shades within the palette are very warm and are more of a subtle wash to compliment the perfect summery glow but it's definitely buildable.

However, if you're looking for neutrals that are insanely pigmented for a very bold look upon a single swatch, perhaps the NARSissist palette is what you could look into!

stockist -  Any Bobbi Brown counters
Price -  SG$90

That's all I've got for the monthly sum up! I hope you all have had a lovely June and as we are already in the early stages of July - here's to an amazing one! For those of you lucky babes on summer break, Enjoy it!

Much Love,

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Advert: Perfect Brow House / 3D Eyebrow Embroidery + UPDATE

Hey there girls,

how have you been? We've been pretty swamped again due to the starting of school (ARGH!) so we do apologize for the sporadic MIAs.. but as promised, here's my post on my 3D Eyebrow Embroidery done by Kelly at Perfect Brow House! :)


If you haven't already read, here's part one of my process, where I talk more about the location, services, etc. I also include the eyebrow laser removal process inside, so those of you who've got current ones done and would like to remove/correct them can refer to it.

Link to Part One:

Anyhow, more than a week has passed since then, my eyebrow embroidery has been done, touched up, and healed; So here you go, I'm all ready for my post!

Introduction to 3D Embroidery

Photo Credits to: Perfect Brow House Facebook

3D embroidery is pretty similar to eyebrow embroidery because they both, in a sense, fill up your eyebrows. Embroidery is normally the option that those, with sparse or overly-plucked eyebrows, take when they want to create their perfect dream eyebrow.

However, don't get it confused with tattooing - tattoos normally last for life and can end with a blue-green tinge after a few years. They also come off as overly dark and intimidating due to their harsh color. Embroidery, however, only lasts a couple of years (before your touch up) and its color is more of a dark to medium brown. It can range to light brown, depending to how natural you would like your final result to be. Eventually, the reason why it fades off is because embroidery is done on our epidermis, which is the outermost layer of our skin, and it sheds as we age/exfoliate/wash our faces.

3D embroidery works the same way embroidery does and with that "tattoo pen" as well, but it fills in the brows with hair-like strokes rather than a full area of coloring. It is also much longer lasting as compared to the former and will be less patchy. Thus, the price for the 3D eyebrow embroidery, which requires such precision and hard work, is much more expensive than embroidery alone.

Introduction to Kelly and Perfect Brow House

Kelly is the owner of Perfect Brow House. She runs the show with a few others, but she's THE ONE to look for regarding eyebrow embroidery and the like. She's been a master of this craft for a good 10 years, and knowing this fact just sets my heart at ease.

She's from China, so naturally she's Chinese speaking. She will try her best to converse in English, should Chinese not be your strong suit, so don't worry! :) She's a dedicated professional who takes her job in her stride. Your eyebrows are safe here!

My Original Brows + Removal

These are my original eyebrows.... If you've read our blog till now, I guess you'll feel like, "Hey, they never looked that thin before!" and you may be right! I never noticed it too until I got it plucked at Browhaus (not to be confused with Perfect Brow House) and went, "Okay this isn't going to work." 

It's not that BrowHaus plucked it too thin either, because if you can see my previous embroidery done below, it's really only covering that amount of space.. sooo yes. After much searching online and consulting a good friend of mine, I decided Perfect Brow House would be the place for me; so I made an appointment and did not hesitate to go down one week later!

Photo Taken from: Previous Post

Since I had this embroidery already done, I had to get them removed to truly showcase the 3D kind I was going to do - so in came the laser to zap zap it all off!

The photo above is what it looked like the first day I after I got it lasered off. It may look scary or painful but I assure you that it isn't and wasn't. Plus, the redness of it all was due to the fact that I have very thin and sensitive skin, so don't assume your result will be the same! Kelly told me one of her customers actually got it all lasered off and had NO REDNESS whatsoever (lucky person!).

Once the laser is done and everything is good, you can return in about 3 weeks to a month to get started on your spanking brand new embroidery!! I don't know how I had the patience to go about eyebrow-less for so long but I did it, yay me!

The Process of Eyebrow Embroidery

When the day came to fill my brows in, I was filled with SO MUCH anticipation I think I imploded a little bit. I was finally going to have BEEYOOTIFUUL brows!

To start the whole process off, Kelly drew in the shape of my new eyebrows. I was a little overwhelmed to be honest because I thought they were a little too thick! I'll admit that I kind of freaked out on the spot and repeated about 100000 times, "Is it really going to be this thick!?!?!?"

Kelly had to constantly reassure me that it was just an outline and that the final result would be HALF of that; and when I had finally stabilized my breathing and come to terms with thicker eyebrows than what I originally had, she could begin on my eyebrows lol.

As with all aesthetic procedures, they applied numbing cream on my brows and place cling/saran wrap over it. Mine was about half an hour long, which, according to Kelly, is the perfect amount of time to wait out so I would feel nothing during the process.

She then proceeded to show me the blade (do note that all blades are new!) which she would be using on my eyebrows! From far, it looked like a normal penknife. Up close, it was like a bazillion little spikes on a razor! I was more intrigued than scared to be honest - all I kept thinking about was, "wow how does this even work?"

Well, let me answer that for you. See those three pink containers? They each contain dyes of different colors like black/brown and it's all specially concocted to suit your own eyebrow color! For some, like myself, a darker shade is desired; this means that more black is possibly mixed in. For those who prefer a natural lighter color, a browner type may be used!

The blade is dipped into these dyes to pick up the ink, and later deposits them into your skin by poking/sinking them in - if I could say what it looks like, I would probably go with old-school tattooing. But if I could describe what it FEELS LIKE (which is what all of you really care about anyway right haha), I would say it felt like she was combing my eyebrow hair out with a really tiny comb, and my hair constantly felt tangled.

LOL, what a weird description right? It really felt like she was combing out really messy eyebrow hair and all I got was this tugging feeling! Absolutely zero pain. At one point, I even fell asleep, I kid you not.

Once she was done with one side, she let me look at it in the mirror to see if all was fine and dandy. If I wanted any strand longer or darker, she would get on it RIGHT AWAY. No questions asked. Your wish is her command! For those who request much darker eyebrows, she will layer the color on heavier than usual, so that this is achieved.

And when both sides are done, she'd get you to stand up so she can take photos and "line up" your brows at the edge of the photo to ensure that the arches are both as high as the other and that they're as similar as possible! I'd like to remind all of you that no two eyebrows are the same anyway, so don't expect them to be 100% the same! 95% is already a very very good number! :)

Kelly provides a scar cream after it's all done, and you will need to be very very diligent in applying it so as to ensure that your eyebrow color remains as vivid and as long as it should. Simply dab it on (NO SWIPING) to your eyebrows with a cotton bud/Q-tip from start to end. Be sure not to apply too much as this will dilute the eventual color. Aim for applying about 3-6 times a day, or as often as you can. This ensures that the eyebrows do not dry out too quickly, which leads to premature scabbing and peeling off.

Healing Process

Day One/ Two:

Be prepared to look like you're supremely pissed or just really bad with an eyebrow pencil. Every blog I've read regarding 3D eyebrow embroidery said that this is something you just can't escape. I personally had no issue, and went out with it all the same.

I regret to say that I went to the gym on the very first day after my embroider was done, because the sweat and the patting off of the sweat caused a little bit of color to come off.. My suggestion to anyone doing this is to stay away from heavy activities or the gym for a week. Let your eyebrows heal first.

Also, they will feel hard and crusty, so apply the scar cream as often as you can!

Day Three/ Four:

Three words for Day Three: It. Started. Peeling.

This should not be happening, by the way. If you get your eyebrow embroidery done, please note that this should not be happening at all! It's not because of any lack of expertise on Kelly's part, but purely because my skin was healing too slowly from the laser before, and I was just a little slack on the scar cream (yikes).

What caused me to panic even more was that by Day Four, I started to have really clumpy looking eyebrows because the scabs that fell out revealed nothing but skin below. There were no signs of embroidery at all! I was FREAKING OUT REAL BAD.

Day Five/ Six:

At this point, most of the peeling was done. I looked weird because some of the embroidery (which looked great) remained on my brow area, but the other parts just looked plain barren. It did not help that chunks of skin were flaking off still.

I had maintained contact with Kelly almost everyday, showing her pictures of my eyebrows through whatsapp. She was an angel, constantly reassuring me that I could always return the week after to touch up ANYTHING. This meant a lot to someone who's a perfectionist in every sense.

Day Seven:

It looks very very very far from desired. I bet some of you are going like, "WHAT IS THAT??" right now, and I'm not even going to blame you. I started worrying that my skin would never take to eyebrow embroidery, and that perhaps I'd have to walk around with this travesty my whole life.

Needless to say, I made an appointment for the touchup ASAP and was happy to get one the day after!

Touching Up

When I returned to Kelly, she was pretty shell-shocked herself to see my eyebrows. She never expected them to be this light and/or patchy! She kept saying that this never happened to other customers before, so I suppose it's just me :(

Anyway, she pretty much went through a similar procedure of doing my brows as I mentioned above - just that this time she didn't have to draw my brows in. For most people who do touch ups after a week, it's normally to correct one or two strands that somehow didn't show up. For me, she had to basically redo the whole thing.

This, of course, meant that I had another week to wait through. I didn't bother with day-by-day photos this time because it's pretty much the same process, but yes you can see the before/after above, and how much better it turned out this time! :) The color is stronger, the eyebrows look more even, and the shape is just lovely!

Tips for Taking Care

1) Be prepared to look really weird for a week. If you've got any major events coming up, do this AT LEAST one to two weeks before. This is in case you're like me and require a serious touch up.

2) Put the scar cream on as often as you can. Bring it out with you whether at the office or school, whatever. Take a Q-tip/cotton bud with you if need be.

3) Don't use too much of the cream, a little will do. Just dab it on lightly, do not do not do not swipe it across! For a gauge, I've used the cream for about 2 weeks and still have about 1/3 of it left in the container.

4) Try to keep it away from water as much as you can. This includes SWEAT. Keep away from the gym for the time being. If your eyebrows somehow get wet, immediately pat them dry.

5) Wash your face with cotton pads or a towel so as to ensure minimal contact with water. You could opt for those Biore cleansing sheets if you wear makeup.

6) Try not to let makeup touch your eyebrow area, if you do wear it.

7) Do not peel your scabs off. They will naturally flake off whilst you apply scar cream over your brows.

8) A good time period to wait out before expecting peeling/flaking off would be about 5 days to a week. This ensures better color adherence and clearer strokes.

9) Try not to sleep on your sides, so your eyebrows don't touch your pillows and scrape against them.

Question-and-Answer Section

Once my eyebrows are fully peeled, do I still need to apply the scar cream?

Yes, you should still apply the cream for about 2-3 days after because your eyebrows will feel dry and itchy. This helps in the healing process.

How long before I can wash my face normally again?

Once your eyebrows are fully peeled off (if you'd like to be really sure, you could wait 1-2 days more after), you're good to go!

How long should I wait till my next facial session?

Kelly mentioned that 2-3 days after should be fine, but I personally think that waiting a week or two after would be better.

How soon can I start wearing makeup?

Once the eyebrows are fully peeled, feel free!

If I do wear makeup, and draw my brows in, will that affect anything?

Well, the embroidered strands just won't be as obvious anymore because the makeup is over it, but besides that, no. Some loose powder over the brows might also cause a very slight blue tinge; nothing you'd really notice though.

If I use makeup remover on my eyebrows, will that cause fading?

Nope, it shouldn't. Just make sure you don't scrub or rub too hard for the kind that you use on a cotton pad.

How long should I wait till my next touch up?

It really depends. For me, it was a week after because of what happened; but you can always go WHENEVER you want a darker color or fix whatever strands you're unsatisfied with.

If I get a last minute event to attend, and my eyebrows are still in the midst of peeling, can I draw the empty/lighter parts in?

N.O. No. Do not even think of doing that. If all else fails, wear a hat or some hair extensions over lol.

If I have a fringe and it touches the eyebrows whilst they're healing, will that affect anything?

No. At most you might feel irritated but nothing will happen. If it really bothers you, wear a hair band or clip your hair up.

Overall Thoughts

I could not be happier with my new brows! A few people mentioned that it's a little too thick for my face but I actually like it that way! It's something new for me to try out and play with and I'm just in time for the thick-brows crazy anyway haha. ;)

I never imagined life without eyebrows being so painful lol (first world problem right there), because it never bothered me that I had sparse eyebrows till I actually had my previous embroidery lasered off. One of those "you never know what you've got till it's gone" situations. Anywhoo, waking up, getting my makeup done, etc, is all a breeze for me now! I have a shape that constantly looks well-maintained and groomed with absolutely zero effort; and who isn't looking for that in today's fast-paced world?

If I could rate the finale, I'd say 10/10. The process though, 5/10 haha. All in all, it averages to a good 7.5, which is nothing to complain about at all. Very very happy! Thank you Kelly, I could not be more satisfied. :)

Price List

Eyebrow Embroidery
SGD$150 + free touch up

3D Eyebrow Embroidery
SGD$480 + free touch up & scar cream

4D Floating Eyebrow Embroidery

SGD $880 + free touch up & scar cream

Eyeliner (by hand)
SGD$150 for upper lid
SGD$300 for both lids

Eyeliner (by machine)
SGD$300 for upper lid
SGD$600 for both lids

Lip Embroidery (normal)

Lips Embroidery (diamond/gloss)


Update - Half a Year Later

So I'm back with an update of my eyebrows 6 after about half a year! I know by this time a lot of people are wondering just what they'd be like. In fact, I myself am pleasantly surprised by how well this embroidery has lasted - I used to have to redo my old embroidery every 4 months! That's 3 times a year, so can you just imagine how much I spent!?! But enough talking, let my pictures do it instead.

*If you'd like to see more photos, feel free to check out our Instagram: @samanthashley_ *

I apologize for my messy eyebrow hair, haven't trimmed it yet *ashamed face* but, you can see how well the hair strokes have been kept up! So so happy because they are so clear and well defined, I haven't even once thought to use eyebrow pencils of any kind at all! :)

In case you're looking for a "far away" shot, here's one I took with my baby niece *light of my life*, and you can see just how natural the color is! I love love LOVE this to death - and this is a decision I have never once regretted making in my life.

I don't really know when my next touch up will be - or if it will even be at the end of this year (will I need it?) - but I am always rest assured to leave myself in Kelly's hands! :)


You can contact Kelly on her mobile at 9125 2256.

Perfect Brow House is NOW located in #02-39 City Plaza, 810 geylang road, Singapore 409286

So happy with my new brows! :)
Thank you 10000x Kelly!

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Event / Giveaway (closed) : Benefit Cosmetics x Samantha Ashley

Hi lovelies,

About a month ago, thanks to Benefit Cosmetics Singapore, I got to meet the amazing Jared Bailey who is Benefit Cosmetics International Spokesperson for Global Services, AKA their Global Brow expert and we teamed up to virtually bring your the experience what it's like getting your brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar!

I never touched my brows or thought I needed up up till 2 years ago and ever since, its made all the more the difference. It just gives your face a very polished look and now, I go back about every 3 /4 weeks to get my brows done.

I know I know, this is the part you're looking out for ;) There is a GIVEAWAY over on our youtube channel when you stand a chance to win SG$280 worth of Benefit goodies along with some of their signature brow products and their new franchise They're Real which includes their mascara, eyeliner and makeup remover! Contest ends 29th of June so hurry!! 

Thank you so much to everyone that entered! The giveaway is now closed and we have selected a winner! We will have more giveaways in the future so stay tuned for that <3 nbsp="" p="">
Aside from getting to witness the Benefit Brow experience from the comfort of your home in this post you'll also be getting to see glimpses of the Benefit dinner where we got to know Jared a little better with a couple of other amazing bloggers!


This is the typical Brow Bar set up you'll see at almost any Benefit Cosmetic counters or Stores. You'll see everything from their special wax to muzzling cloths which they use as the base to wax off the hairs.

Fact* Benefit uses muzzling cloths because they find that the material texture allows the wax to grip the hairs better and to provide a clean finish that aids to the wince free technique that Benefit is oh-so-famous for!

Brow Mapping

Of course, there are several steps but the most important step and one that is unique to the brow services at Benefit would be brow mapping! This process can obviously be used to fill in your brows but ! is a crucial step before waxing because it allows you to see what your "new" brows will look like before the brow experts get about to making you look amazing ;)

Here's a little blurb that describes the process with much detail.

1. First we take a pencil and line it up with the inner corner of your nose and the inner corner of your eye. Then, we make a mark there using brow zings or any other brow pencil. This tells you where your eyebrow should start.

2. Next, we hold the pencil horizontally from the outside corner of your nose through the outer corner of your pupil and make another mark—as this is where your arch should be

3. Finally, we line up the outer corner of your nose with the outer corner of your eye to make the final mark—this is where your eyebrow should end. Now, we can carefully fill in from mark to mark with brow zings to create your new and improved brow.

I know it may look a little silly and believe me, when I first had my brows done at the Benefit Brow bar, it was definitely an unusual step to witness but definitely a crucial step to what will help you get am amazing set of brows. It also kinda gives you a look into the shape of your brows before they wax all the little nasties that have hidden these beautiful pair of brows away. 

Getting my brows done with the expert!
On to the most exciting part of the post - I was so honoured to have the expert, Jared himself work his magic on my brows. It was the most pain-free experience ever!

The Video

Those girls who tell you that brow waxing hurts? Yeah, pfft.. they're clearly getting it done at the wrong place. I felt no pain whatsoever! I even took my best friend from Hong Kong to the benefit brow bar and she felt NOTHING, no pain whatsoever.

Also! A huge shoutout to our lovely friend Natasha for taking time out to come help us film on the day itself! *kisses*

Here is a before and after! Can you see how polished and clean my right brow looks? Jared turned my " Brow woe into a brow WOW!" ( yes, a signature yet very applicable quote from Benefit cosmetics) ;)

Volia! I know, self-praise isn't very the best form of flattery but I mean, How good do my brows look? It looks so polished and I really only have Benefit and Jared to thank for making my brows look so amazing. In the time that Jared was doing my brows, I got to know him a lot more and it was just an enjoyable experience having to get to know him and he was just super sweet to talk to! Jared if you're reading, Thank you so much and I hope to see you in town again soon! :)

Dinner with Jared bailey x Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics organized an amazing dinner at P.S Cafe  later that night where several other amazing bloggers got to together along with the Benefit team and Jared to get to know each other a little better and to exchange beauty pet peeves too! It was just an open ground to discuss anything and it was nice to have a more personal and cozy get-to-know each other session this way as oppose to a press conference kinda ordeal.

Of course, what's a proper post without showing you guys the amazing food that we had that night? I had the  Turkey cranberry sandwich (which was a huge portion I might add) along with truffle fries which was shared amongst those at the table! :)

Sorry if you're reading this a time where you're extremely vulnerable because I know I always happen to stumble along amazing food photos when I'm extremely hungry... 

From left to right: Leanne (@loveforskincare), Jared, Me and Becks (@becksko)

We got to meet several bloggers that night and although I didn't get to grab a photograph with everyone. It was certainly nice to have gotten to meet such amazing people, the benefit team and just have a great evening with good food. 

from left to right: Amy, margret & ace

Last but not least, I got to meet these brow experts from Benefit Cosmetics! These are three of the most amazing brow experts that you can find at TANGS, Vivo and ION respectively. Regardless, anyone you approach at the Benefit brow bars are always very friendly and provide nothing but the best service!

This might sound like a sales pitch here, but it isnt! I visit the benefit brow bars even before we teamed up with them for this collab and had nothing but a great experience. Not to mention I always walk out with incredible brows to frame my face right after too. 

Thank you so much to Benefit Cosmetics for the amazing evening, I honestly had the best time and wish Sam was in town to enjoy the fun filled day with me too. Don't forget to enter the giveaway over on our youtube channel!  GIVEAWAY DETAILS can be found on our youtube video right here.

Good luck!
much love,