Review: IDS #2 - Electrocautery (EC) for Acne

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I'm back to do a follow up from my previous post on IDS, and this time it's on a treatment I did there called Electrocautery! Even though most people return after a month to get their products topped up or changed, I experienced a bit of issues a week in.

If you remember from my Previous Post, I have very sensitive skin, and the PORE product I was given was not suitable for me after all :(. This was such a waste because I've heard, and many of you also know, that PORE is the holy grail for SO MANY people! The one amazing product that was clearing everyone's blackheads and whiteheads was performing quite the opposite for me it seemed. On top of that , I was also having a crazy hormonal fluctuation and my chin started to break out like mad.

P/S: excuse my less than glamorous face above haha.

Introduction to... My Chin
Photo circa 2013 - pre epiduo days

Haha, I thought that title was quite funny. Sad to say, the situation with this area of my face is far far far from funny. I've faced issues with acne on my chin since late 2012 and it's been recurring no matter what I do. For a period of time, I was on Epiduo, and it worked really well (refer to post here). However, 6 months later, my acne seemed to get immune and the medication stopped working as well as it used to.

Though it was somewhat controlled from thereon, it was never quite perfect or back to the state I wanted it to be. I would actually CHECK OUT people's chins and be so sad about mine... It didn't help that mine was hormonal so people would constantly remind me there was only that much I could do.

It looks mostly red here but all the acne is all lumped under.

So yes, back to what I said, my chin started to break out and TADA! That is the photo above. Sorry I gave no warning beforehand, but I think we should all face facts that acne is never great to look at. It is what it is, so I might as well be upfront about it. It looks gross, is gross, feels gross. It also makes my self esteem plummet when the rest of my face is somewhat clear and my chin looks like an infestation... So that's when IDS stepped in with Electrocautery and Steroid Injections when I hit my lowest point.

Video Credits above to: Eric Lim

Electrocautery is the use of an electric current that is later converted into heat and then passed through a fine tip. To be put in simpler terms, it's like "lasering" through a fine tip to create an opening for the dirt/pus under acne to come out. The heat that is applied directly not only exfoliates the skin but also kills the bacteria in the process. There is a slight risk of scarring from this treatment mainly due to people who get "itchy handed" and then pluck the scabs which form from the electrocautery process. In general, this process can be risky, but if you take extra good care, and have an extra good doctor like I do, then don't be afraid! :)

If you'd like to see, Rachell Tan also did this for her chin, and you can read her post here!

Steroid Injections
Video Credits above to: Jacob Levitt

Just so you know, above is just an example. The injection at IDS may differ, and from my recollection I do not believe the liquid leaked out the same way.

You've heard of people who, right before prom, get those really huge nasty pimples on the horizon so they run to a dermatologist to get it injected right? Well, this IS that very injection. Though it is called a Steroid Injection, it isn't actually the type of STEROIDS you might be thinking about (eg. Michael Phelps haahaa).

The type of steroid is called Corticosteroid, a steroid hormone which is produced in the adrenal gland, and is a natural chemical which our bodies release in response to inflammation. However, even though our body creates it, it may not always create it quickly enough. Hence, this injection directly injects very diluted corticosteroid into deep papules, nodules or cysts to help soften and flatten them out in a very short period of time.

P/S: This isn't a preventive treatment, so it doesn't mean that future acne won't ever appear at the same spot. It just eliminates your CURRENT one.

The Process

First, they apply numbing cream to your affected areas to reduce the pain during the treatment. Mine was placed on for about 10-20 minutes.

P/S: I should tell you, that the pictures below can be A LITTLE gory, so be prepared. Also, my face gets more and more unglamorous, lol. 

Then I went into the room, laid down, and waited for torture haha. The lights blared on (but there are tiny goggles so you won't see a thing) and Dr. Heng inspected my skin! He was shocked I think, to see such a flare under a more intensive lighting. I had a lot of headless acne, whiteheads and spreading infections.

So he went ahead and SHOT SHOT SHOT the places where pus was to be removed. In some cases,stubborn hardened sebum is extracted. For me, it was mostly blood and tears. Blood from chin and tears from eyes. HAHA okay, I kid. As you can see above, they do use a certain apparatus to remove pus/dirt/what have you. Everything is very sterile. Plus, they do it with gloves on so you would feel much safer than having it done outside in some random facial salon.

After that was is all done, he selects the more serious pimples for the injections. What I felt was a sharp tinge of pain followed by a few moments relief.. before he moved on to the next one. at the same time, it also felt pretty great to know that all that acne-fighting goodness was going to help me.

So once that is ALL done, they pass you a mirror to look at yourself. I half didn't want to, but since I had to head out for dinner, I did. I would rate it as 7/10 for how bad I looked, but hey I went to town and shopped for a bit after and no person stared at me, so I suppose it's pretty okay! On the whole.. its OKAY to go out but if I could've chosen I would've gone home straight lol.

If you're going to ask me about pain factor of the whole process, I'm going to be straight up and say 9/10 haha. I won't mince my words. It HURTS. I think I generally have quite a high pain tolerance (or maybe I'd like to believe that lol) and this still reduced me to a whimpering little baby haha. I wanted to die everytime I felt the laser hit my skin or the pus being squeezed out. But oh well, no pain no gain!

If you really REALLY cannot take pain, then I think you can request for the numbing cream to be put on for a much longer time.


In general it can take from 2 days to 7 days to completely heal, depending on your skin type. I would say mine took about 7 days in TOTAL.

As you can see from the photos above, the scabs came out pretty quickly. I never put any makeup on the areas, though you actually can. After all, they're scabs. For me, I just used tinted concealer. Murad/Dr Hauschka have pretty awesome ones if you want to cover up the redness!

The reason why it took a whole 7 days was because one of the underlying pimples was preparing to come out, so the treatment actually got the horrid thing to show a head and then pop. Scabs itself actually came off at about Day 4! Redness is still pretty much sustained though, so I will assume that's going to take awhile longer to go away. At the very least, my skin is back to being smooth and NOT BUMPY AND PAINFUL!


Here is how much I paid for the session plus medication! I changed from Pore to AA because of reasons aforementioned. AA was to help with my huge cystic acne as spot treatment before SPOT! :) Incidentally, both are known as their wonder creams!

Overall Thoughts

Whew- that's a lot of money to go into treatment and products, I know. But thus far, I find it worth the pain (literally and metaphorically - referring to my wallet lol). I have to accept the fact that my skin isn't quite the type to take it simple. I've even gone down the route where I do nothing to my skin, since people say less is more, only to still have it end up in a chaotic state. So yes, I do have to resort to this.

Though I didn't look great after the electrocautery, I must say the underlying acne all somewhat disappeared with help of the injections too! WOOHOO! Now when I suck my lips in and protrude my chin out, I no longer feel the constant aching pain of a cystic acne lurking around the corner. New acne that forms also comes out and disappears that much faster! :)

I am one of those people who, it appears, take awhile longer to adapt to IDS' products and require treatments for my skin to get to the state I want it to be in! As of now, I can proceed to having a facial and see where it goes from here.

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Review: IDS Clinic #1

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Some of you may know that I've been struggling with my skin ever since that blasted facial allergy. On some days it's good, like nothing happens and everything looks great. On some days, it's bad and everyone ends up giving me the 'What happened!?' look whenever we meet... sooo.

At the very end of my tether, I've decided to go to see a dermatologist clinic. Whilst the Lumi Oxy did help me out a great deal, I do believe that devices ultimately have to work in tandem with products.. and what I was using wasn't performing as well as they used to after my facial disaster. On top of that, my hormones decided to hold a pimple convention on my face... so yes. Off to IDS I went.

About IDS & The Doctors

IDS Clinic is relatively new; and by new, I mean the location and the name - the doctors themselves have been in this line for a long time, and there's been no one in it longer than Dr SK Tan.

If you've ever heard of DRx, or been to DRx, you'd know he's the ONE everyone was queueing up to see. I heard it used to take a month's advance to get to see him? Eeeps! In fact, he's the one with the name on the company logo, JYSK; It's a combination of his wife's (and partner!) and his initials! Very cool, and somewhat romantic, no? Haha.

The other doctor that resides there is Dr. WS Heng (my doctor!) and he's by no means inferior to Dr SK Tan. In fact, if you're looking for a cool and good looking doctor, maybe you can try booking an appointment with him. LOL! Okay okay, kidding aside. He graduated from NUS  and actually tried out various specialties before deciding on Aesthetics medicine. His particular areas of interest include skin products, fillers, botox and lasers. (psst- I also heard he's the go-to guy for lasers!).

IDS Clinic, I'm sure you know, has its very own clinical skincare range which has been personally tried and tested out by Dr SK Tan himself, so you can rest yourself in good hands. Besides that, they also carry out facials, filler injections, lasers, and the ever-famous thermage treatment!

IDS Clinic

When I stepped in, I was pretty wow-ed by the whole feel of the place! It was very chic and, I hope this doesn't sound weird, everything was so angular! It felt like everything was geometrically thought out and placed.. maybe it's the graphic designer in me talking! Haha

So there's a Registration Counter where you fill in your particulars and get your information saved onto their system thereafter. This means that usage of paper is lessened, and that by simply giving your mobile number next time, they'll get to draw up your whole record with them. :) This is all sent to the doctor for review before you go in for a consultation.

Depending on the queue and time, you may end up taking your photo first. They bring you to a room to analyze your skin condition and check out your problem areas. Looks pretty scary aye! :\ Haha but no worries, IDS will help correct all that. Also, can I praise myself  little by the machine stating my age as 25, but skin age as 11? HEEHEEHEE. (Then again, maybe thats why my 'puberty' is starting again and all these breakouts are happening -_-)

I didn't manage to get a photo, but the consultation rooms are really cool and color coded according to chairs! One room has pink chairs, one has red and one has purple! I like how the warm colors add a sprig of liveliness to the whole place! I know how some medical places can seem scary due to the stark whiteness, but I think they've inserted just enough touches to make one feel at home.

There is a waiting area for treatments such as lasers, EC (Electro Cautery), Thermage, etc wich will be later done in a room like the above. It's for when your face gets all plastered in white numbing cream and you don't want anyone to look at you. Very considerate I feel - as it is, showing my bare face can feel bad enough right now.

This is the view from the facial rooms. Gorgeous right!? Too bad you won't get to stare too much at it. Maybe take a selfie before/after with the background hahaha. Still, it's nice to know you'll be situated in such a pretty room (otherwise known as a Treatment Room)!

ANDDDDD that concludes the mini virtual tour of the place!

Introduction to Products

I wasn't given any moisturizer or scrub this time round, and was only prescribed a very basic set.

One interesting thing to note is how ALL of them are 100ml or less - so constant travelers can take these products on the plane in their carry on instead of their luggage! Especially awesome when you have transit flights and want to wash up to feel fresh in between. :) Little details can sometimes make such a big difference.

- -

C1 Refreshing Cleanser
The C1 Refreshing Cleanser is a non-drying cleanser for oily, combination and blemish-prone skin. As someone with combi/sensitive skin, I actually quite like this. It helps remove oil, residual makeup, and unwanted residue from skin without ever over-drying it. Free of parabens, sulfates and fragrances, it is more than suitable for those with already sensitive or vulnerable skin prone to allergic reactions.

Purifying Toner
This Purifying Toner protects against photo-damage and inflammation. It is refreshing and soothing and, best of all, alcohol-free. It provides natural photo protection for anti-inflammatory benefits, and is suitable for all skin types. It not only protects and repairs DNA damage caused by UV exposure, but also reduces skin inflammation.

The special nozzle, also known as the 'micro-mist' spray, ensures an even application so that you get just the right amount each time. It is also highly convenient and saves SO MUCH product because you can have it go straight into your skin rather than wasted on a cotton pad.

PORE has been shouted across so many blogs and raised on a pedestal by so many bloggers, and here is why: It is the first step towards having a blemish free complexion. It targets pores by minimizing oil production, thus reducing blackheads and whiteheads. It also packs in therapeutic levels of green tea extract (proven to reduce breakouts) as well as a blend of botanicals which are highly effective in treating blemished skin.

C+ is a multi-tasking age-fighter which tackles wrinkles, loss of firmness, patchy skin tone, dark spots and even acne. It boasts a new form of potent but stable Vitamin C, water soluble Vitamin E and Fullerenes, delivering these actives deep into skin using patented Nanospheres for optimal skin penetration. Together, they help in lightening the skin, boosting collagen, repairing skin damage, as well as counter free radicals. This product also works as an acne fighter by reducing inflammatory lesions and lightening acne scars through its melanin-suppressive effects.

Clear Plus
Clear Plus is the pre-step before Spot. It is to be spread as a VERY THIN layer across acne-prone areas. It can be put across tiny comedones as well to help them diminish faster.

This powerful spot treatment was originally skin colored, but is now clear for more convenience - especially for those who might have felt the previous tint didn't match their skin tone. This highly acclaimed product shrinks and reduces blemishes fast and in some cases, the problems disappear practically overnight. Anti-inflammatory ingredients sooth and reduce redness, while promoting repair at the same time.

Do note that this syringe shape with the special tip being covered ensures that the product inside is kept AIR TIGHT and SAFE from contamination! You can even "lock" the pump so leakage will never happen!

S2 Non-Tinted Moisturizer
This sunscreen provides SPF 50 protection and goes on smoothly for a matte and natural finish. It is non-chemical and boasts special titanium dioxide particles of a specific size. They not only block out infrared radiation, but also keep skin's surface temperature stable even upon sun exposure. The added Vitamin C in the concoction also gives great antioxidant benefits.

- - 

Here is my routine for the morning:

C1 Refreshing Cleanser > Purifying Toner > PORE > C+ > Spot > S2 Non-tinted Sunscreen

(I was originally prescribed Clear Plus for the morning but it was a bit drying so I stopped.)

Here is my routine for at night:

C1 Refreshing Cleanser > Purifying Toner > PORE > C+ > Clear Plus > Spot

My Favorite Products:

My two favorites are C+ and the non-tinted sunscreen! They are total Godsends to me!

C+ TOTALLY ironed out my uneven skin tone issue (I previously had my forehead darker than the rest of my face) and also made my complexion really bright!!! The back of my hands used to be the same tone/fairer than my face, but no longer! I actually feel very radiant and happy haha. As for the sunscreen, it goes on really smoothly and dries with an insanely matte finish! Powdery almost! I love it. Despite it being non-tinted it actually gives me enough confidence to go out with only this on without feeling insecure! Great plus points! :)

How to Get There

IDS Clinic is located in Novena SPECIALIST Center. So what you can do, if you're taking an MRT is:

1) Come out from Square 2's side
2) Take the lift to the 3rd Floor
3) Head to the Link Bridge to the Specialist Center
4) Either take an escalator/lift up the 5th floor
5) Walk to #05-07

It's really simple - this coming from someone totally geographically retarded. So don't worry, you'll definitely find it.


Here is how much I paid for the products in total. There was a 10% discount going on, and consultations are FREE OF CHARGE till end of this year! Woohoo! *Makes plans for tons of check ups now hahaha*

I think that the prices are very reasonable actually! I've been hearing so much about IDS and expected my first visit to cost me above $600! Plus, I'm almost a month in and my products have very hardly moved because they each require a pump! Only Spot/Clear Plus sometimes requires 1-2 depending on how hard I squeeze them out!

If I gauge this price against how many months I can use the products for (say... 4-5 months), that's about a $100 or so each month? As someone who normally splurges on skincare/facials, this is quite the norm.

Update after 3 Weeks

I'm about a few weeks in at this point - not quite one month yet. In between the time this post is up and my actual first visit last month, I actually went back for two more reviews. One review and one treatment. Why?

Because, even though the C+ was doing a fantastic job at making my face look all glowy and bright, some products just weren't working great for my acne. I won't blame this on IDS because SKII sells amazing Facial Treatment Essence that apparently works on a majority of women, but it breaks Ash out. Some products just aren't suited for our skin types so we play around - no?

Except at IDS, I think if anything isn't working out for you, please call them immediately, state your issue and try to get a slot with a Doctor ASAP. Doctor reviews aren't for fun or playing around with. They DO assess your skin and try to get to the bottom of it - then tweak the products given to you and proceed from there. In fact, whilst PORE, which has been compared to DRx's CF, has worked wonders on many people it has not worked for me (Neither did CF work for me by the way...).

PORE originally broke my forehead out - and then proceeded to wreck hell on my chin. I do not know if it was just purging or not suitable, but I stopped it anyhow and that seemed to do the trick. I also had to do electrocautery for my chin (that will be my next post) to solve my chin issue because when I say hell I mean it.

When it comes to IDS, which has been so heavily endorsed by bloggers, I think a lot of people want results fast and they want it good. So far, that hasn't really been the case for me. My situation seems to require quite a bit of patience - THOUGH there has been improvement (especially in the brightening/radiance department)! I'm just saying it's not as quick as some hope for it to be. One of my friends said it actually took 2 facials and continued usage for 3 months to really have seen her difference - so yes! Haste makes waste, I'll be back to update again.

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Event Shoutout: Skylark Christmas Sales on 19 Nov!

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MoonRiver, one of India's premier lifestyle store that encompasses the best of home and fashion, is coming to Singapore for a day on Wednesday, 19 November from 10am -7pm for their Skylark Christmas Pop Up store! Woohoo!

At this event, you can expect the best of fashion and design presented with wit and imagination. Held in The Grange Room at the gorgeous Four Seasons Hotel, a fun and festive day filled with superb fashion and gifts at pricing you will not be able to resist!

And in case you'd like some insight as to what's up for grabs, let us tell you. ;)

Your closet is just about to get that much chicer with Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses, Marni Bags and Zadig & Voltaire rock chic separates at almost half their regional prices. If you're one for unique items, you won't be disappointed with the array of Diptyque candles, exquisite jewelry, hand woven scarves and home accents that will be sold there as well! After all, we all know Christmas is the time for us to break open our wallets and shop to our hearts content right?

Participants of the show will also be able to enjoy a free cocktail (Available for the first 200 guests) from Drinkdings!

There's no need to hesitate - if you're a fashion lover, MoonRiver's Skylark Christmas Sale is definitely where you should be at this Wednesday!

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Sponsored Review: Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Limited Edition Collection

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Hi dears,

if you read my previous post here, you would know I recently somewhat recovered from a facial allergy. It's not been fun....... and I was ultra depressed at times.. One of the notable moments being that I stood in front of the super harsh Inglot makeup mirror (have you guys seen that PARTICULAR ONE?) and remembered how even the creamiest foundation/concealer came out in the ugliest blotches across my face... *shudders*.

So you can imagine my joy when I received a package of goodies SPECIFICALLY meant for problematic dry skin! I swear, this wasn't a planned thing and I never requested for any help. This was a Godsend simply put. If you've got problematic skin, be it from an allergy, constant rashes, eczema, this may be the answer you are looking for.

Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant
This cream is the legendary, award winning Eight Hour Cream Protectant that everyone has been talking about for ages. This amazing product is so supremely moisturizing and can be taken out to be used anywhere anytime - yes literally anywhere, don't feel limited to using it on your face alone.

The Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant's versatility extends beyond just hydrating your skin after all; it can be used to shape brows (like your typical brow gel!), smooth cuticles and nails, rehydrate lips and protect skin against/alleviate symptoms of chapping, peeling and windburn due to dryness from exposure to the elements.

Key Ingredients

This balm is highly effective due to its combination of petrolatum, a skin-soothing beta-hydroxy as well as Vitamin E.

Petrolatum: A universally acknowledged intensive moisturizer that also soothes and protects skin.

Salicylic Acid: A beta-hydroxy acid pioneered by Elizabeth Arden over seventy years ago. It gently exfoliates to encourage smoother skin.

Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate): Acts an antioxidaant to help protect the skin from environmental assaults that contribute to visible signs of aging. It is easily absorbed by the skin and has moisturizing and soothing properties.

This product is Clinically and Dermatologist tested.

Color, Texture and Smell

Apricot color, smells medicinal/herby (is that a word? lol), okay maybe herbal. It definitely isn't pleasant. It isn't anything strong though, and disappears quickly after application, so no worries there. Texture isn't oily, more balmy than anything, and absorbs very quickly!

For testing sake, I applied a sufficient amount (I didn't layer, just scooped up one time) onto my hands and rubbed it in. After 5 minutes, I washed my hands with soap and didn't feel the cream coming off at all! It absorbed so well!!! I have moisturizers mind you, which still wash off after a 30 minute - 1 hour period.

P/S Above I blended halfway to show you how it melts in. This shiny-ness does kinda last but if you pat it in enough, it disappears by about 90%. I suppose this means that there is still a slight "layer", so do take note.

Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick

This Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick kind of makes me feel like it is a stick version of the cream above hahaha. They have similar vibes. But enough of my rubbish commentary, let me start on the more official description.

This Lip Protectant Stick is a super-protective portable stick for lips. It is enriched with emollients to moisturize, soften and smooth, and relieve chapped, cracked lips due to dryness. It contains Vitamin E which moisturizes deeply, and has SPF 15 to help shield against UV exposure.

Key Ingredients

Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate): Acts an antioxidaant to help protect the skin from environmental assaults that contribute to visible signs of aging. It is easily absorbed by the skin and has moisturizing and soothing properties.

Color, Texture and Smell

P/S - I'm not wearing lipstick, it's my lip embroidery. But that's a review for another day.

It looks pretty colorless when applied, a typical balm color which you get if you should use any other lip balm. It isn't tinted in any way. Smells the same way as the cream does, which is somewhat medicinal, but nothing that lingers. It goes onto the lips very smoothly, though there is a slight filmy texture - I suppose that's pretty typical? Taste-wise it is kinda nutty. A little overwhelming perhaps to begin with, but it didn't bother me very much. And by nutty, I don't mean peanut butter! Haha, I mean it's more like those nutty oil kinda flavor - just to be clear. If you apply a thicker layer, it can look glossy even! ;)

Overall Thoughts

I can see why this 8 hour range is such a hit. After all, it does what it says. It's great for sensitive skin, especially those really prone to irritation like mine is.

Whilst I really like the lip balm - it is an essential in my makeup pouch now! - I can't quite say the same for the skin protectant! Not because it isn't useful, but because I don't see myself using it quite so much when Singapore is so extremely humid. Perhaps, on the scale of sensitive irritated skin, mine is at a 5 or 6, so that's why I can survive without constant usage. At most, I apply this at night (I sleep in air con!) to eczema prone spots to keep them smooth and itch free! But for those who sleep without air conditioning, I must admit I'm not sure how comfortable this can be. Especially if you are going to apply it to your face! It may absorb easily enough, though if you're going to sweat during the night sometimes, it may mingle together and feel a little sticky.

Do note that the skin protectant ISN'T a moisturizer of any sort! it's a balm, meaning it's more for targeted areas. So don't go putting it ALL over just only on spots that really need tender loving care!

The lip balm is fine for any time, even with an SPF15, so feel free to take it wherever. My lips have stopped peeling by a lot after I started using this - which is great especially when I have lip embroidery on!

To those who do lip embroidery sessions and find that normal lip balm isn't quite enough during the recovery period, try this and you won't regret it!

Please feel free to check out the whole range of Eight-Hour products here:

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Advertorial: Lumi-Oxy

Hey babes,

have you guys ever felt in dire need of a facial but just don't have the time, energy, or money to go to one? We've all been there and done that! Some facials, the good ones at least, can cost more than $100 each time, and take about 30 minutes to 2 hours even. Some are even way out of the way, which makes it difficult for us to stop by after work or on weekends when we want to rest in - right?

Well, you never have to face that issue again! Enter the.... *DRUMROLL*.... Lumi-Oxy! :D

If you're wondering what that is - it's the device that I am holding! Can you see it? It looks ALMOST like a Clarisonic, except that its brush head has been replaced with a bulb. This bulb is EXTREMELY special, and we are here today to tell you just why!


First, an introduction to Lumi-Oxy. It is otherwise known as PAT- Personal Aesthetic Technology. This is a beauty device, no doubt, and it comes power packed with the ability to revolutionize the way we go about our skincare!

How? You might ask. Well, it not only introduces the idea of NASA's Red and Blue LED to treat our skin, but even uses Ozone Therapy, that in tandem with the lights, can help to tackle issues of PORES, PIMPLES, PIGMENTATION and WRINKLES. The Ozone Therapy (otherwise known as O3) is the most important thing to note about this as it doesn't use just normal Oxygen (O2) to treat our skin! O3 is actually the NANO version of Oxygen and thus penetrates faster into our skin.

I bet you can only begin to imagine what this could do for our complexions, but you no longer need to. Seeing is now believing, so we'll show you more.

How to Use
Simply plug the product in then turn it on. Remember to actually have the product PLUGGED IN already before turning it on! Do not turn on the power source of the wire first before plugging in. Please practice electrical safety as this as a high powered device.

Also, clean the bulb that you see in the middle each time BEFORE and AFTER usage. Simply use a cotton pad/cloth that is lightly sprayed with water to clean over the surface. Do not douse the device in water or submerge it as there are tiny gaps on the area outside the bulb which can enter the device and spoil it.

Do not use the device with makeup on too, because your makeup CAN be absorbed through those gaps as mentioned above and cause your Lumi-Oxy to have a film over the bulb that can never be removed! Be it that your BB Cream or Sunblock has skincare benefits, they are still considered more of cosmetics and should not be used. The Lumi-Oxy should be used with your SKINCARE (eg. serums/moisturizers) and NOT MAKEUP.

Now that we've cleared the air, let's move on to functions!

Different Functions

The Lumi-Oxy comes with different functions and ways of usage - hence the three types of buttons you see below. The first one is to turn the device on, the second to control the type of LED light/color combination, and the last one to control the level of O3.

Types of LED Lights/Combinations:
1) Press Once for LED Red Light
2) Press Twice for LED Blue Light
3) Press Three times for LED Red/Blue Light together
4) Press Four Times for LED Red THEN Blue Light alternating
5) Press Five TImes for LED Red AND Blue Light together alternating

You can use option 3 to enjoy both the benefits at once for maximum effect (if your skin is generally clear - read on to understand why), option 4 to target different areas and problems at one go, and option 5 on the eye area.

LED Red Light aims to REJUVENATE and LED Blue Light aims to REFINE.

LED Blue and LED Red Light Therapy has been in the market for awhile actually. They're both great treatments because they surpass the mere usage of products that sit on skin , and actually target issues that are beneath it!

LED Blue Light is known to help in the area of REFINEMENT. The wavelength of the LED Blue Light is shorter and hence treats problems on the surface, like pores and pimples, better. When used with the O3 function, it can help purify the skin UPON CONTACT, which means acne will and can be cleared up much faster! Blackheads can be lessened and pores can shrink! Yes, that happens! This is because the LED Blue Light helps reduce sebum production and strengthens the skin's own anti-inflammatory strength too! This means that, should you get an allergy or rashes, you can use the LED BLUE LIGHT + O3 to cure it! They work hand in hand to help rid skin of problems.

You can also use the LED Blue Light to help reduce the appearance of dark eye circles - but do not use it with the O3 function for the eye. Since the O3 treatment is strong in its purification purposes, it can be drying which will be bad for the eyelids which are delicate.

If you have an oily scalp, you can also use the Blue Light with O3 to help! Simply massage it onto troubled scalp areas once each day or a few times a week, together with your favorite hair tonic.

As mentioned, LED Red Light helps in REJUVENATING. It stimulates cell renewal and collagen growth so that radiance is improved in our faces and fine lines are visibly reduced as well! You know that natural blush you're looking for? It's totally possible using this light! Your skin will also be firmer and smoother. We will show proof further below, but this function of LED Red Light + O3 has such powers of tightening your face/prevent sagging to an extent where you can see a difference almost immediately! Just 5 minutes each time on your area of concern and it will help!

You can also use this to reduce the appearance of eye bags, just as the LED Blue Light helps with dark rings. Once again, do not use the O3 function near your eyes as it will cause dryness.

To sum it up, the LED Red Light helps increase radiance the way SKII promises to whilst slimming and firming your face up! Who could ask for more?

Do note though that the LED Red Light should NOT be used on acne-troubled areas or areas with infection/allergy. Since it promotes collagen, the problem spots could actually grow redder! So keep using the LED Blue Light on your acne till it's dried up, then use the LED Red Light over it to help it heal faster. :)

Last, but definitely not least, the amazing Ozone Therapy function.

It's just got to be the best thing ever. It kills and sterilizes germs so well, that it can even CLEAN your bulb if you just leave it on for about 10-20 seconds before using it! Amazing!

Due to the enriched Oxygen (O3) which is penetrated into your skin, your complexion is dramatically improved due to inner healing. The oxidation stimulation encourages production of protective cell enzymes which reduces inflammation, acne and pimples. Your skin tone will also be naturally lightened! This doesn't mean whitening, but that your skin tone will become more even.

With this function on, you merely have to place the bulb over a specific pimple, even a headless one, for 3-5 minutes and you can see a difference in days where you usually had to wait weeks! This function personally has helped me a great deal, and you can see why below.

Before and After
I recently suffered from a facial allergy recently which caused all kinds of redness and spots to appear on my face. Since my skin normally takes AGES to recover, and I was personally told it might take me a month for those dreaded blemishes to disappear, I was SHOCKED to see these results after 2 nights only!

I know in pictures the redness of the dots have been lessened in the first picture, but I assure you that I looked as red as a crab.. I was so depressed for a week.. until I discovered the usage of Blue Light + O3! Totally amazed and so blown away :)

As for Ashley, can you just SEE the firming effects!!? Okay because if you cannot, I do not know who can. Just LOOK at it! She's been complaining so often about her sagging skin and how round her face is - and I got to admit it drives me insane. She's even wanted fillers which I've constantly told her she doesn't need to: and you know what!? She doesn't when she has the Lumi-Oxy. If you have the same gripes she has, then this could be an option for you too!

The video

If you want to hear more of our thoughts and to see this device in action, do watch the video below, and we hope you enjoy it!

If you want to get a chance to try out the Lumi-Oxy, here's your chance! Simply visit and answer a simple question! :) All the best!

Hope you enjoyed our post loves! ()
Sam & Ash

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