Review: 3D Diamond Silk Eyelash Extension at Dreamlash

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As a beauty blogger, I may have failed in one huge aspect in my makeup regime: I seldom (meaning once or twice) to never use mascara. Ironically, I do own a few of them and even have Shu Uemura's ever popular eyelash curler.. but I just never ever make it a habit to curl my lashes nor to bother extending them.

"Why?", you may ask. It's simple. I have really short lashes which point downwards - they're not sparse actually... which should be a good thing but you can't see them anyway lol. I just lost the draw of the luck when it came to having eyelashes, in every way. Besides actually preventing dirt and what not from entering my eyes, my lashes have never helped in the beauty department.

So, after a little bit of coaxing and thinking - I decided to take the leap and have beautiful lashes!

Why Dreamlash
before/afters of their eyelashes (credits to: Dreamlash Korea Facebook)

My friend, Sheila (click link to read her Dayre and see her lashes!), has been going to Dreamlash for a long time and I will always remember how she couldn't stop gushing about how amazing they are from the first moment I asked about her lashes. Many people like to give me pros and cons when I ask about eyelash extensions and they go along the lines of this.

- Looks pretty
- Saves a lot of time getting ready
- Looks made up even with minimal effort

- No swimming
- Eyelashes get weaker
- Sometimes eyelashes drop out and do not grow back
- Eyelashes sometimes feel uncomfortable
- Eyelashes hurt when they tangle

As you can see.. the cons just seem so much more.. However, when I asked Sheila about the cons of her extensions.. she couldn't really give me any. She had been going to Dreamlash for ages and never felt that her eyelashes got weaker nor felt uncomfortable. She could swim, wash her face, do everything she would do normally and not suffer any horrid consequences (she would even go hot yoga right after touch ups lol!). And the thing is.. she was the ONLY person who actually seemed to feel that positively about her eyelash extensions.. so.. off to Dreamlash I went.

About Dreamlash

Dreamlash is a high-end Korean Eyelash Extension studio that focuses on creating the perfect lash design for every client using only the single-strand lash technique developed in Korea. Every woman was born with different eye-shape. At Dreamlash, there is no 'one size fits all' lash design, therefore, our lash experts will customised the lash design that is suitable to your eye-shape to achieve the 1:3 golden ratio.

Dreamlash extensions are different from traditional strip lash and clustered lash as every strand of lash is planted with a safe distance from your lash line to allow continual growth of your original lash. This technique not only prevents your original lash from premature dropping, it also ensures you feel absolutely comfortable while having the extensions on.


Since Sheila recommended that I ask for Rachel's to do the lashes for me, I was very excited! :) Rachel came highly recommended as she was said to be highly patient, thorough and precise with each eyelash!

I couldn't take photos of the process as each business feels better keeping what they do to themselves. It's only natural, but I think a lot of you can get a basic gist from the plethora of eyelash extension posts out there! :) The whole thing took about 1.5 hours for me because of my droopy eyelashes which took awhile longer to curl up! I was kind of asleep through the whole thing, so that should give you an idea as to how comfortable I was!

When Rachel was done and I opened my eyes, there was no discomfort from the glue, the eyelashes didn't poke my eyes and they were as weightless as they were promised to be! I was very pleased!

ADVICE: I was told not to let my lashes touch hot water (which loosens the the glue) and not let them touch WATER in general for the first three days.I was also told to comb my lashes after every shower to prevent tangling, and to not touch the lashes for 3 hours after getting them done to let the glue set properly.

- - 

Here is a close up look about 2 weeks after! In case you're wondering, mine is quite thick and I went for the MEDIUM VOLUME (First trial price of $98) - perfect for those who like thicker lashes and want an "eyeliner" effect due to the density. I like how I don't need eyeliner with this anymore, which saves me time and energy! lol. Oh yes, and because I have weird eyelids, the way these eyelashes curl up PUSH my lids up (check out eye on right side!) and create a higher and more defined shape for me! :D This may not happen for everyone, but so far a few friends and I have experienced this effect, so maybe it might for you too.

I have to do a touch up in 2 week's time as most newbies to eyelash extensions may not take care of theirs that well and it would be good to return and check that everything is going well! Also, I would highly suggest getting their eyelash serum ($138) so your lashes stay strong and grow longer/thicker during this period of time. In my case of droopy/short lashes, Rachel said the serum would make my existing eyelashes curl upwards more and grow longer!

Questions and Answers

Their FAQ can actually be found on their website, so I'll just write down extra questions you might have that I can give answers to.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Nope, it does not! They are weightless and feel nothing like fake lashes. No uncomfortable pokes at the side of your eyes or anything. Also, I love how when I opened my eyes, I did NOT feel the glue stinging the way I heard people say it would.

Q: Is it hard to wash your face with the extensions on?

A: Personally, no. Perhaps because I did an eyebrow embroidery before which required me not to touch my brows for a week and this only required 3 days so I was pretty okay with that. I was actually given a sponge in the care kit after but I didn't really use it - I stuck with my cotton pads instead when it came to makeup removal, and washed my face (just kept my eyes open and washed around my area) normally with my hands.

Q: What if I like oil-based makeup removers?

I've heard people mention that oil-based removers can weaken the glue in lashes? Not sure as Rachel did not mention this point to me, and I don't use oil-based ones anyway... perhaps if you need to, then be precise with cotton buds or pads so as to avoid touching the lashes! :)

Q: Name what annoys you when you first start?

Oh when I first started I half-liked half-hated that I could see my lashes in my line of vision somewhat. Like it felt kinda "blurry" on the top half but after awhile I got used to it and didn't care. I also got a little annoyed that strands of my hair would go across my face and rest across my lashes sometimes when the wind blew lol. I'm just being picky.

Q: Name what annoys you as you go on?

I admit that halfway through, maybe 4 days after, I was so tempted to rip the lashes off lol. My eyes tend to be sensitive so when things get into them I really want to rub but with the lashes I cannot. Eventually, I found my own way of coping which just involved blinking a lot or dabbing at my eyes with a tissue. It's been almost 2 weeks and I'm still surviving strong though, so I think I'm doing pretty well!

Q: Any tips to give?

Yes. DON"T wash your face in the shower. Not because the lashes will come out but because you can't 100% ensure that the soap won't go in and sting your eyes, So I normally try to wash when I come out of the shower when water doesn't wash soap downwards into my eyes.

I would also really suggest combing your lashes whenever you can if not they might get tangled.

Q: What if I sleep on my side?

That's fine - I sleep on my side too. Best if you don't, to be honest, but hey people like me are set in their ways. And my answer is go ahead hahaha! This is a personal opinion though so don't fault me on it. The first morning after I did my lashes, I got so annoyed with the sunlight through the windows I actually rested a tiny blanket across my eyes to sleep and everything was still A-okay! lol.

Q: What if I really need to rub my eyes?

Please. Don't. I suggest just taking a tissue at dabbing into your eyes if there is any irritation but rubbing will definitely cause more harm than good.

Q: Is the lash serum really necessary?

When I get started on something, I like to go all the way and ensure I did my best to handle/take care of it - call it OCD or perfectionism. So I think even if I remove my extensions, the serum would continue to take care and lengthen my existing lashes, which works out in the long run too! Sheila told me a few of her lashes dropped out once, and she used the serum which ensured that they grew back in a short amount of time.

- - 

I suppose you guys must have more questions that I didn't think of, so do leave a comment below if you have more and I will get to them ASAP!

Overall Thoughts

I have to admit that you need to be prepared when you look in the mirror the first time after doing your lashes. It's overwhelming. Okay, maybe to me since I don't wear fake lashes or mascara.. but I was really floored haha. I didn't even know what to say for awhile.

As I got used to it though, I started liking them more and more. Yes, there are days I feel weird that I look extremely under-dressed but my face looks event ready haha. But then there are also those awesome days where I have events or people to meet and I require so little effort now to look good! Plus, I can now make excuses for my dark rings :p by saying that it's just the shadow cast from my lashes lol!

On the whole, really a little bit to get used to at first but a week or so after I think you'll get in the swing of things; plus the price is a small one to pay to look so effortlessly good everyday.

Make an Appointment

You can either call through at: 6884 8019

Or you can email them at this address:

Located at: Citylink Mall, 1 Raffles Link #B1-09A, Singapore 039393
(Very near Starbucks towards the circle line!)

I personally suggest calling through to prevent too much back and forth on dates, especially close to festive seasons such as Christmas, CNY, Valentine's Day, etc. If, however, you find it difficult to call (I myself tried about 3-4 times) for an appointment, then emailing is perfectly fine. You should get a reply by the end of the day! :)

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Sponsored Review: Urban Decay's NAKED On The Run!

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Christmas is coming up soon, so you know what that means right? TONS of amazing holiday palettes being released, with a plethora of colors, designs, uses, what have you.

And while some of us fall into temptation because of the bright colors and pretty packaging, we sometimes end up not using the palette after the festive season because we realize they're just not that applicable for everyday use anymore... THANK GOODNESS then that Urban Decay created a LIMITED EDITION All-In-One Palette that doesn't only look sleek and gorgeous, but is also versatile enough to be used.... when? Yes. ON THE RUN!


For the sake of easy reading, the Naked On The Run palette will be called NOTR

NOTR is a dream come true for the girl who is always on the go. In Singapore, we understand there is a heavy work-centered culture and all of us always seem to be heading to work in a rush. On some mornings, we sleep in and even end up taking our entire cosmetic bag out with us in a cab and fishing out items such as eyeliner to apply whenever we stop at traffic light. I know I'm guilty of that at least once or twice a month.

With this luxurious highly-metallized rose gold palette, say goodbye to your clunky ol' makeup bag and say hello to convenience! Loaded with six ALL-NEW shades of eyeshadows, a bronzer, blush, full-sized Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss as well as a travel-sized 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil and Perversion Mascara - you truly need nothing more.



Since Urban Decay is highly acclaimed for their eyeshdows, I thought I'd start with that first. These 6 shades as shown above in order all feature Urban Decay's Pigment Infusion System, the propreitary blend of ingredients which give each shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power, and blendability. Here is the lowdown one each of them:
  • DIVE: Metallic rose with micro-golden shimmer. 
  • FIX: A soft taupe matte. 
  • RESIST: Medium metallic taupe. 
  • STARE: A medium brown matte. 
  • STUN: Metallic bronze with light gold micro-shimmer. 
  • 50/50:  A cool bisque satin which works great as an all over shade!  
You can never go wrong with neutrals am I right? You've honestly got the perfect balance between matte and shimmers within this palette. Night out or casual day with the girls, this palette has got it all. I personally really like the shade "Stun" the micro-shimmers give it that extra festive feel especially around this time of the year. 50/50 is now my go-to all over shade on my eyelids regardless of the colours that I pair it with.

- - 

Now, moving on to the bronzer, blush, eye pencil and lip gloss! :)
  • BLUSH: Vibrant pink with light shimmer. Comes across natural and gives face an effortless flush.
  • BRONZER: A medium bronze matte that does not come across as too orange. Just nice!
  • 24/7 GLIDE ON PENCIL IN STAG: Medium metallic taupe. If you're too daring to go for a harsh black liner, this is your answer! It's incredibly pigmented, and! I love using this to tight line my upper lash line to make my lashes appear like they've got extra boost of volume.
  • PERVERSION MASCARA: The perfect wand that gives the most voluminous looking lashes.
  • NAKED LIP GLOSS IN SESSO: A medium brown matte. I just found the perfect gloss in my natural lip colour! Perfect to complement both a day and night look. 
Cheek products
I realized over time that there's a signifcant difference to the way your cheek products turn out under the sun as opposed to that of indoors. For you guys to get a better idea of the colour payoff of the cheek products, here they are both under the sunlight and out of.

These cheek products are amazingly pigmented, this my friends, are all single swatches. Despite being this pigmented in a single swatch, they come off really natural when applied onto the face, and can we just talk about how gorgeous the shade 5050 as a highlight too !? I am in love. It works amazingly on my eyes as it does on my cheeks. The shimmer within the highlight is incredibly fine so it doesn't appear like chunks of glitter resisting on the highest points of your face.

I've always been skeptical about pencil eyeliners. They can either hurt so bad as you draw your line or glide like a dream, as this one does right here. The Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil works great as a base for a smokey eye and to tight line, line and draw on your waterline without having to worry that it will smudge.

Here's a quick tip - if you're going to include pencil liners or take brushes with you on the go, a shorter handle not only provides ease when putting everything into your tiny makeup bag but! It also applies better when you're on the go! The closer you are/the more area that you can get a hold of the product, you get more control. And more control of the eyeliner bids the hassle of having to redo your makeup, goodbye!

Perversion Mascara
The fact that I am obsessed with the idea of having voluminous and long lashes isn't new to you guys by now. Any product/ technique that's recommended, I will try. I've heard the hype about the Urban Decay cannonball mascara and the perversion mascara but have tried neither until today.

I like it when my mascara wand is especially thick with lots of bristles. It just ensures me that my lashes are less likely to clump and, it just gives me the impression that it will coat my lashes a whole lot more too. So here's a quick before and after with the mascara on,  pretty impressive huh? It not only gives volume but darkens my lashes to a more jet black shade to intensify the look even more!

Naked Lipgloss in Sesso
I cannot begin to tell you how much hype I've heard about this lip gloss right here.  Several of my friends have raved about this lipgloss because of its formulation, colour and my personal winning favourite, the applicator!

A rose gold with pink shimmers, now has one of the best applicators I've come across in a while. It's not as solid as a usual doe foot, it's much softer and longer. This ensures that it every bit of the surface area is coated upon application! And of course, a before and after...

I know the colour payoff isn't drastic, but hey, we're girls aren't we? We should have at least 2 extra lipsticks floating around at the bottom of our bags. If the neutral lip isn't what you are going for, simply apply this lipgloss over the top of your own choice of lipstick and voila! You're ready to party.

Final Look
Here is a day look I created with the products given. Simply taking the shades "Fix" and "Dare" as a base and finishing off with "Dive" towards my inner corners as a highlight! It's the perfect neutral look and because the eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented, blending "Fix" and "Dare" was done effortlessly without having to blend away the eyeshadow pigments completely.

As if you can't tell from the collage above, I am in love with the UD Perversion Mascara. Lashes, as I've always felt, help open up the eyes to make us appear more awake. Voluminous lashes help add a bit of that sexy flirtatious flare to the eyes too and c'mon ladies, who doesn't want eyes that do all the talking? If you want to vamp up the look for a night out, the easiest way is to take the 24/7 glide on eyeliner and just line your water line to add some edge to your overall look!

Simple no? Now you're ready to hit up all the clubs for a Friday night out!

Why is this called NAKED on the Run? simple. It's THE palette to take with you on days where you've got both day AND night events! Through amping up the amount of contour with the Bronzer and intensifiying your eye makeup by going over your waterline with the 24/7 glide on eyepencil in "Stag" you'll no doubt be ready to party the night without feeling underdressed ;)

Don't feel limited by what I created! Go create your own looks! This palette was made for simple looks all the way to sultry after all! ;)

stockist -
Naked on the Run is available at all Sephora outlets and retailing at SGD$85.

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Advertorial: Getting in shape at London Weight Management

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A week ago, I was given the privilege to experience the Lavender Slimming Treatment at London Weight Management. I know, many of you are probably going, "What!? Sam you're so tiny as it is!" But the fact is, there are many areas of my body I am dissatisfied with, and I definitely didn't mind trying this out since it used 100% natural botanical formulations which would be customized according to my body type! :)

On top of that, London Weight Management has been around for awhile and trusted by so many Singaporeans, I really couldn't resist making my way down.

London Weight Management
As mentioned, London Weight Management has been around for a long time! Established in 2000, it has been THE slimming center with more than 14 years of proven track records in providing result-driven slimming solutions for ladies with all kinds of weight issues. What’s more, they were also awarded the Most Effective Slimming Brand in Singapore!

It is well-known for conceptualizing and implementing and extensive range of breakthrough technologies, and its outstanding weight loss expertise remains highly sought-after despite intense competition in the industry. Solely serving ladies, us females can feel extremely safe and in good hands every visit!

In total, they have 10 outlets island-wide (I will mention where they are later!) and I chose to go to the Novena one. :)

Introductory Process

I chose to go to the outlet at Novena Square as I was there to run some errands. It's located on the 3rd floor, and you just have to get off the escalator and walk towards the end. Very simple! It's very easy to spot.

When I walked in, I was pretty impressed! Everything was very spick and span, it just felt very classy and professional! :) Thereafter, I went through registration and was ushered into a small room (photo above) where I would then talk about my issues* with my consultant.

*Be prepared ladies that you will have to strip down to your underwear in front of your consultant they can analyze your issues better. If you are uncomfortable, perhaps let them know.

After she explained everything I would be doing that day, and how it would help me with my problem areas, I went to the changing room to put down my stuff. I kept my bag and shoes at the locker area. As you can see, it's all very safe! Simply put your belongings into the cubby, lock it, then use the cord/band to hang the keys around your wrist.

I actually ended up using it to tie my hair ;) So many uses for it right?

Thereafter, I was given a Kimono to change into (here's an idea of it for you - gosh my face is really round lol). Then I went out to the weighing scale to take my weight before starting the treatment.

My Issues

So yes, time to expose my problems. I didn't take photos because I don't feel too comfortable sharing my body in underwear only, but here is a photo above to illustrate the idea.

I am bottom heavy, and have always been bottom heavy since puberty. Before that I was always a stick - ah, how I miss those days! Anyway, puberty kicked in and decided I should be pear-shaped. Okay, my diet and laziness also determined that lol.

Right now, I face cellulite on my already-sagging butt *cries*, thunder thighs *cries more*, a lot of water retention *cries a river*, and I am ONE KG above my ideal weight *cries an ocean*. This is all contributed due to my day job where I am required to sit down the whole day, and the fact that I love to eat salty and unhealthy food.. without drinking much water. Sigh. If you're like me, you would know the time to change is NOW.

My body was also measured everywhere so I could see the difference after!

Lavender Slimming Treatment

Step 1: Aroma Steam Bath (10-15 Minutes)

The steam bath opens pores for better product absorption after and also helps soften dead skin cells, calms our bodies down, and improves blood circulation.

I had to skip this step because I was wearing makeup as seen above (remember, if you do go for this, remove your makeup or don't wear any!) and I didn't want to sweat.. I had a dinner appointment after and I didn't bring spare makeup with me. Don't do this with makeup on EVER because you might clog your pores.

Instead, I opted for a hot shower. I put on a paper panty and only my kimono after. No bra.

Step 2: Lavender Sea Salt Scrub Treatment (30-45 Minutes)

Then I proceeded to have a nice Lavender Sea Salt Scrub down. I laid on the bed without my robe and the assigned therapist scrubbed all over my body, focusing a little more towards my lower portion. After she was done, she wrapped me in an Infrared Warm Blanket to induce sweating.

Apparently, the use of these 2 together (Scrub and Blanket) is equivalent to a set of 360 sit ups or a 4km walk!!! Amazing! What it does is:
  • Reduce water retention in the body
  • Increase our body's metabolic rate to quicken fat-burning
  • Remove dead skin cells to give way to more radiant skin
  • Increase the body's ability to absorb subsequent weight loss products
I definitely felt myself SWEATING IT UP! It was weird because I could literally feel sweat LEAKING out of my body like I had been under the sun for hours; but since the room was in aircon and my face was not covered, I felt relatively cool! Haha. It was surreal that my whole body was sweating but my head was intact!

When I was done, I actually felt around and my THIGHS felt so much tighter!!!! I think all the water weight got sucked out! Haha. It was really amazing! I normally get that after exercising for a week straight - and now I got it in under an hour! VERY COOL.

Depending on individual body metabolic function, one can even lose up to 2kg in excess water, wastes and fat.

Step 3: Electrical Muscle Stimulation

After the scrub, I went for another quick shower. Depending on how sweaty you are, you can even opt to wash your hair. They have shower gel and shampoo available for you. :)

Then I headed for this bed, which admittedly might look intimidating but don't feel scared!! All that happened was that I was laid down at first and had trimming ampoules massaged into my body. Later, I was strapped in (okay this sounds scary lol but it isn't!), and I had electro-muscle stimulators attached to my problem areas such as thighs and what not. The power was then turned on and the strength of the stimulator at each portion was customized to my comfort level. What it felt like in general was that I was on a... massage chair hahaha. All I felt were medium vibrations which were very similar to sitting on an OSIM chair.. that was about it.

This treatment helps our body build lean muscle mass and quicken the body's fat-burning as well! People can expect slimmer arms, thighs and tummies! :)

As for me., I definitely felt more toned. My body didn't feel SLIMMER but it was tighter and just felt healthier for some reason!


After everything was done, I went to weigh myself and I lost........ 100g! Plus I lost half a cm in diameter around my thighs! :) It might not sound like a lot, but if you go put 100g of water in a cup, you'd realize that's still a significant amount.

I'm not picky, after all I did feel somewhat lighter so it was still a good experience. Naturally it takes a few more sessions if I want my perfect body shape but I'm still pretty satisfied. This was all achieved without the need for pills, injections, exercise or a crash diet! Talk about a dream come true for a lazy sloth like me, haha! I was also given this yummy meal replacement of oats + strawberries after the session to try out and it was really good for something that is associated with helping weight loss! I normally assume they're all icky, but this went down well and helped with my disgestion.

But no, seriously, if you're just a very busy person (say, working mum) and exercise is just not something you're able to do after a long working day, then try this out! There are NO side effects and you're guaranteed a 8-22cm loss around the body per session instantly.

P/S: Can I say I feel so much more confident about taking OOTD's now? Haha, I just wanted to show off that picture above! ;)

Treatment Recommended For

This slimming treatment can be used to treat all kinds of problems! Be it overall weight gain, genetic obesity, post-natal weight gain, flabby arms, bugling tummy, heavy thighs, celluite, and water retention. Whatever you face, tell them so they can help you. :)

If you would like to experience this for yourself, the Lavender Slimming Treatment is FREE exclusively for first-time female customers who are troubled by their body, simply fill in your particulars HERE to enjoy this promotion or call 6222 1234 to book an appointment. Don’t forget to mention my name/blog to them!

Business Locations and Hours
  • Ngee Ann City Tower A (#05-21)
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza  (#01-15/16)
  • Novena Square (#02-02)
  • Singapore Post Centre (#01-01A)
  • Jubilee Square (#02-01/03/13/14)
  • Yew Tee Point (#01-16)
  • The Clementi Mall  (#05-08/09)
  • NEX (#B1-71/72)
  • Tampines One  (#05-01)
  • Woodlands Civic Centre (#04-06)
Business Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 11am to 9 pm
Sunday: 11am to 8 pm
Public Holidays: 11am to 7pm
HOTLINE: 6222 1234

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Advert: Perfect Brow House / 3D Eyebrow Embroidery + UPDATE

Hey there girls,

how have you been? We've been pretty swamped again due to the starting of school (ARGH!) so we do apologize for the sporadic MIAs.. but as promised, here's my post on my 3D Eyebrow Embroidery done by Kelly at Perfect Brow House! :)


If you haven't already read, here's part one of my process, where I talk more about the location, services, etc. I also include the eyebrow laser removal process inside, so those of you who've got current ones done and would like to remove/correct them can refer to it.

Link to Part One:

Anyhow, more than a week has passed since then, my eyebrow embroidery has been done, touched up, and healed; So here you go, I'm all ready for my post!

Introduction to 3D Embroidery

Photo Credits to: Perfect Brow House Facebook

3D embroidery is pretty similar to eyebrow embroidery because they both, in a sense, fill up your eyebrows. Embroidery is normally the option that those, with sparse or overly-plucked eyebrows, take when they want to create their perfect dream eyebrow.

However, don't get it confused with tattooing - tattoos normally last for life and can end with a blue-green tinge after a few years. They also come off as overly dark and intimidating due to their harsh color. Embroidery, however, only lasts a couple of years (before your touch up) and its color is more of a dark to medium brown. It can range to light brown, depending to how natural you would like your final result to be. Eventually, the reason why it fades off is because embroidery is done on our epidermis, which is the outermost layer of our skin, and it sheds as we age/exfoliate/wash our faces.

3D embroidery works the same way embroidery does and with that "tattoo pen" as well, but it fills in the brows with hair-like strokes rather than a full area of coloring. It is also much longer lasting as compared to the former and will be less patchy. Thus, the price for the 3D eyebrow embroidery, which requires such precision and hard work, is much more expensive than embroidery alone.

Introduction to Kelly and Perfect Brow House

Kelly is the owner of Perfect Brow House. She runs the show with a few others, but she's THE ONE to look for regarding eyebrow embroidery and the like. She's been a master of this craft for a good 10 years, and knowing this fact just sets my heart at ease.

She's from China, so naturally she's Chinese speaking. She will try her best to converse in English, should Chinese not be your strong suit, so don't worry! :) She's a dedicated professional who takes her job in her stride. Your eyebrows are safe here!

My Original Brows + Removal

These are my original eyebrows.... If you've read our blog till now, I guess you'll feel like, "Hey, they never looked that thin before!" and you may be right! I never noticed it too until I got it plucked at Browhaus (not to be confused with Perfect Brow House) and went, "Okay this isn't going to work." 

It's not that BrowHaus plucked it too thin either, because if you can see my previous embroidery done below, it's really only covering that amount of space.. sooo yes. After much searching online and consulting a good friend of mine, I decided Perfect Brow House would be the place for me; so I made an appointment and did not hesitate to go down one week later!

Photo Taken from: Previous Post

Since I had this embroidery already done, I had to get them removed to truly showcase the 3D kind I was going to do - so in came the laser to zap zap it all off!

The photo above is what it looked like the first day I after I got it lasered off. It may look scary or painful but I assure you that it isn't and wasn't. Plus, the redness of it all was due to the fact that I have very thin and sensitive skin, so don't assume your result will be the same! Kelly told me one of her customers actually got it all lasered off and had NO REDNESS whatsoever (lucky person!).

Once the laser is done and everything is good, you can return in about 3 weeks to a month to get started on your spanking brand new embroidery!! I don't know how I had the patience to go about eyebrow-less for so long but I did it, yay me!

The Process of Eyebrow Embroidery

When the day came to fill my brows in, I was filled with SO MUCH anticipation I think I imploded a little bit. I was finally going to have BEEYOOTIFUUL brows!

To start the whole process off, Kelly drew in the shape of my new eyebrows. I was a little overwhelmed to be honest because I thought they were a little too thick! I'll admit that I kind of freaked out on the spot and repeated about 100000 times, "Is it really going to be this thick!?!?!?"

Kelly had to constantly reassure me that it was just an outline and that the final result would be HALF of that; and when I had finally stabilized my breathing and come to terms with thicker eyebrows than what I originally had, she could begin on my eyebrows lol.

As with all aesthetic procedures, they applied numbing cream on my brows and place cling/saran wrap over it. Mine was about half an hour long, which, according to Kelly, is the perfect amount of time to wait out so I would feel nothing during the process.

She then proceeded to show me the blade (do note that all blades are new!) which she would be using on my eyebrows! From far, it looked like a normal penknife. Up close, it was like a bazillion little spikes on a razor! I was more intrigued than scared to be honest - all I kept thinking about was, "wow how does this even work?"

Well, let me answer that for you. See those three pink containers? They each contain dyes of different colors like black/brown and it's all specially concocted to suit your own eyebrow color! For some, like myself, a darker shade is desired; this means that more black is possibly mixed in. For those who prefer a natural lighter color, a browner type may be used!

The blade is dipped into these dyes to pick up the ink, and later deposits them into your skin by poking/sinking them in - if I could say what it looks like, I would probably go with old-school tattooing. But if I could describe what it FEELS LIKE (which is what all of you really care about anyway right haha), I would say it felt like she was combing my eyebrow hair out with a really tiny comb, and my hair constantly felt tangled.

LOL, what a weird description right? It really felt like she was combing out really messy eyebrow hair and all I got was this tugging feeling! Absolutely zero pain. At one point, I even fell asleep, I kid you not.

Once she was done with one side, she let me look at it in the mirror to see if all was fine and dandy. If I wanted any strand longer or darker, she would get on it RIGHT AWAY. No questions asked. Your wish is her command! For those who request much darker eyebrows, she will layer the color on heavier than usual, so that this is achieved.

And when both sides are done, she'd get you to stand up so she can take photos and "line up" your brows at the edge of the photo to ensure that the arches are both as high as the other and that they're as similar as possible! I'd like to remind all of you that no two eyebrows are the same anyway, so don't expect them to be 100% the same! 95% is already a very very good number! :)

Kelly provides a scar cream after it's all done, and you will need to be very very diligent in applying it so as to ensure that your eyebrow color remains as vivid and as long as it should. Simply dab it on (NO SWIPING) to your eyebrows with a cotton bud/Q-tip from start to end. Be sure not to apply too much as this will dilute the eventual color. Aim for applying about 3-6 times a day, or as often as you can. This ensures that the eyebrows do not dry out too quickly, which leads to premature scabbing and peeling off.

Healing Process

Day One/ Two:

Be prepared to look like you're supremely pissed or just really bad with an eyebrow pencil. Every blog I've read regarding 3D eyebrow embroidery said that this is something you just can't escape. I personally had no issue, and went out with it all the same.

I regret to say that I went to the gym on the very first day after my embroider was done, because the sweat and the patting off of the sweat caused a little bit of color to come off.. My suggestion to anyone doing this is to stay away from heavy activities or the gym for a week. Let your eyebrows heal first.

Also, they will feel hard and crusty, so apply the scar cream as often as you can!

Day Three/ Four:

Three words for Day Three: It. Started. Peeling.

This should not be happening, by the way. If you get your eyebrow embroidery done, please note that this should not be happening at all! It's not because of any lack of expertise on Kelly's part, but purely because my skin was healing too slowly from the laser before, and I was just a little slack on the scar cream (yikes).

What caused me to panic even more was that by Day Four, I started to have really clumpy looking eyebrows because the scabs that fell out revealed nothing but skin below. There were no signs of embroidery at all! I was FREAKING OUT REAL BAD.

Day Five/ Six:

At this point, most of the peeling was done. I looked weird because some of the embroidery (which looked great) remained on my brow area, but the other parts just looked plain barren. It did not help that chunks of skin were flaking off still.

I had maintained contact with Kelly almost everyday, showing her pictures of my eyebrows through whatsapp. She was an angel, constantly reassuring me that I could always return the week after to touch up ANYTHING. This meant a lot to someone who's a perfectionist in every sense.

Day Seven:

It looks very very very far from desired. I bet some of you are going like, "WHAT IS THAT??" right now, and I'm not even going to blame you. I started worrying that my skin would never take to eyebrow embroidery, and that perhaps I'd have to walk around with this travesty my whole life.

Needless to say, I made an appointment for the touchup ASAP and was happy to get one the day after!

Touching Up

When I returned to Kelly, she was pretty shell-shocked herself to see my eyebrows. She never expected them to be this light and/or patchy! She kept saying that this never happened to other customers before, so I suppose it's just me :(

Anyway, she pretty much went through a similar procedure of doing my brows as I mentioned above - just that this time she didn't have to draw my brows in. For most people who do touch ups after a week, it's normally to correct one or two strands that somehow didn't show up. For me, she had to basically redo the whole thing.

This, of course, meant that I had another week to wait through. I didn't bother with day-by-day photos this time because it's pretty much the same process, but yes you can see the before/after above, and how much better it turned out this time! :) The color is stronger, the eyebrows look more even, and the shape is just lovely!

Tips for Taking Care

1) Be prepared to look really weird for a week. If you've got any major events coming up, do this AT LEAST one to two weeks before. This is in case you're like me and require a serious touch up.

2) Put the scar cream on as often as you can. Bring it out with you whether at the office or school, whatever. Take a Q-tip/cotton bud with you if need be.

3) Don't use too much of the cream, a little will do. Just dab it on lightly, do not do not do not swipe it across! For a gauge, I've used the cream for about 2 weeks and still have about 1/3 of it left in the container.

4) Try to keep it away from water as much as you can. This includes SWEAT. Keep away from the gym for the time being. If your eyebrows somehow get wet, immediately pat them dry.

5) Wash your face with cotton pads or a towel so as to ensure minimal contact with water. You could opt for those Biore cleansing sheets if you wear makeup.

6) Try not to let makeup touch your eyebrow area, if you do wear it.

7) Do not peel your scabs off. They will naturally flake off whilst you apply scar cream over your brows.

8) A good time period to wait out before expecting peeling/flaking off would be about 5 days to a week. This ensures better color adherence and clearer strokes.

9) Try not to sleep on your sides, so your eyebrows don't touch your pillows and scrape against them.

Question-and-Answer Section

Once my eyebrows are fully peeled, do I still need to apply the scar cream?

Yes, you should still apply the cream for about 2-3 days after because your eyebrows will feel dry and itchy. This helps in the healing process.

How long before I can wash my face normally again?

Once your eyebrows are fully peeled off (if you'd like to be really sure, you could wait 1-2 days more after), you're good to go!

How long should I wait till my next facial session?

Kelly mentioned that 2-3 days after should be fine, but I personally think that waiting a week or two after would be better.

How soon can I start wearing makeup?

Once the eyebrows are fully peeled, feel free!

If I do wear makeup, and draw my brows in, will that affect anything?

Well, the embroidered strands just won't be as obvious anymore because the makeup is over it, but besides that, no. Some loose powder over the brows might also cause a very slight blue tinge; nothing you'd really notice though.

If I use makeup remover on my eyebrows, will that cause fading?

Nope, it shouldn't. Just make sure you don't scrub or rub too hard for the kind that you use on a cotton pad.

How long should I wait till my next touch up?

It really depends. For me, it was a week after because of what happened; but you can always go WHENEVER you want a darker color or fix whatever strands you're unsatisfied with.

If I get a last minute event to attend, and my eyebrows are still in the midst of peeling, can I draw the empty/lighter parts in?

N.O. No. Do not even think of doing that. If all else fails, wear a hat or some hair extensions over lol.

If I have a fringe and it touches the eyebrows whilst they're healing, will that affect anything?

No. At most you might feel irritated but nothing will happen. If it really bothers you, wear a hair band or clip your hair up.

Overall Thoughts

I could not be happier with my new brows! A few people mentioned that it's a little too thick for my face but I actually like it that way! It's something new for me to try out and play with and I'm just in time for the thick-brows crazy anyway haha. ;)

I never imagined life without eyebrows being so painful lol (first world problem right there), because it never bothered me that I had sparse eyebrows till I actually had my previous embroidery lasered off. One of those "you never know what you've got till it's gone" situations. Anywhoo, waking up, getting my makeup done, etc, is all a breeze for me now! I have a shape that constantly looks well-maintained and groomed with absolutely zero effort; and who isn't looking for that in today's fast-paced world?

If I could rate the finale, I'd say 10/10. The process though, 5/10 haha. All in all, it averages to a good 7.5, which is nothing to complain about at all. Very very happy! Thank you Kelly, I could not be more satisfied. :)

Price List

Eyebrow Embroidery
SGD$228 + free touch up & scar cream

3D Eyebrow Embroidery
SGD$588 + free touch up & scar cream

4D Floating Eyebrow Embroidery

SGD $988 + free touch up & scar cream

Eyeliner (by hand)
SGD$208 for upper lid
SGD$388 for both lids

Eyeliner (by machine)
SGD$388 for upper lid
SGD$738 for both lids

Lip Embroidery (normal)

Lips Embroidery (diamond/gloss)


Update - Half a Year Later

So I'm back with an update of my eyebrows 6 after about half a year! I know by this time a lot of people are wondering just what they'd be like. In fact, I myself am pleasantly surprised by how well this embroidery has lasted - I used to have to redo my old embroidery every 4 months! That's 3 times a year, so can you just imagine how much I spent!?! But enough talking, let my pictures do it instead.

*If you'd like to see more photos, feel free to check out our Instagram: @samanthashley_ *

I apologize for my messy eyebrow hair, haven't trimmed it yet *ashamed face* but, you can see how well the hair strokes have been kept up! So so happy because they are so clear and well defined, I haven't even once thought to use eyebrow pencils of any kind at all! :)

In case you're looking for a "far away" shot, here's one I took with my baby niece *light of my life*, and you can see just how natural the color is! I love love LOVE this to death - and this is a decision I have never once regretted making in my life.

I don't really know when my next touch up will be - or if it will even be at the end of this year (will I need it?) - but I am always rest assured to leave myself in Kelly's hands! :)


You can contact Kelly on her mobile at 9125 2256.

Perfect Brow House is NOW located in #02-39 City Plaza, 810 Geylang Road, Singapore 409286

So happy with my new brows! :)
Thank you 10000x Kelly!

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