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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Advertorial: Origins Plantscription Line

Hey babes,

I'm back today to talk about a killer line of products for anti-aging. As most of you know... I am... *whispers* 25... which means it's really about time to start using products which prevent aging! Of course, you should actually start your prevention regime at about 18 by using sunblock, etc – but you can always wait off on anti-aging skincare till you’re in your early twenties!

I've been looking for a line to support my skin - and it was just at this time that I was introduced to Origins’ Plantscription range which is suitable for those with combination to normal skin! Within this range, there is an Anti-aging cleanser, Anti-aging treatment lotion, Youth-renewing face oil, Anti-aging Power Serum, Anti-aging oil-free cream and Anti-aging eye treatment.

About Origins

Origins seeks to create high-performance natural skincare that is powered by nature and proven by science. They use potent plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. With their long-standing commitment to protect the planet, its resources and all those who populate it, Origins carries out animal-free practices, packaging and policies. 

Their products are formulated without:
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Mineral Oil
  • PABA
  • Petrolatum
  • Paraffin
  • DEA
  • Animal ingredients (except cruelty-free honey and beeswax).
Their products are also tested on volunteer panels, so you don't have to feel worried about animal testing! :)

Since launching internationally in 1991, Origins can now be found worldwide.

About the Collection

Ever since Hippocrates, father of modern medicine advised, "Let plants be your medicine," plants and other natural products have historically been the largest contributors to the modern pharmacy and cosmetics industry. Origins has again leverafed the natural power of plants in the award-winning Plantscription Anti-aging collection which is formulated with Anogeissus tree bark.

What's So Special About Anogeissus

Anogeissus [pronounced AN-NO-GAY-SIS], native to the Republic of Ghana in West Africa, is a sacred tree deeply integrated into African culture. Commonly known as “Siiga” which means “the soul”, local tribes revere the plant as a natural wound healer and anti-microbial as well.

Within the Anogeissus’ tree bark was an extract which demonstrated an excellent ability to protect collagen and help boost skin’s natural production levels of a glycoprotein called Fibrillin.

With this, Origins ups the bar on naturally-derived, age-correcting skin care. Now you can look forward to firmer, more resilient and youthful looking skin.


The products below are displayed in order of recommended usage.

Origins Plantscription Anti-aging cleanser

This foaming cleanser utilizes potent plants to thoroughly wash away dirt, makeup and impurities in one simple step. The gentle cleansing system contains the breakthrough anti-aging ingredient; Anogeissus tree bark extract, as mentioned earlier, along with Oat Protein and Jasmine Flowers to condition skin and maintain the vital moisture balance. Dead skin cells are quickly dislodged and released, encouraging a smooth refreshed, and more youthful looking complexion.

To be used: AM and PM
Price: $53 for 150ml

Plantscription Anti-aging treatment lotion

This lotion (also can be understood as a toner) is powered by Anogeissus tree bark extract and fortified with Jasmine Flowers. It is lightweight and moisture-rich, which easily penetrates the skin on contact. An interesting fact to note is that the milky color of this lotion is due to an oil-in-water technology which helps to deeply moisturize the skin.

You can apply this with either cotton pads or by warming up in your palms and then patting into your skin. With this, a smoother texture and youthful radiance is restored and skin is prepped to receive the optimum anti-aging benefits from the following treatments below.

To be used: AM and PM
Price: $62 for 150ml

*NEW* Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum

Believe me when I say this is the STAR product! My skin has not only become firmer and smoother, but my redness and blemishes have reduced significantly as well! I had a slight facial mishap awhile back, and got tiny bumps all over the place. It was very saddening.. This serum actually helped those bumps disappear and got my skin back to its normal shape!

This is because of its ability to improve lines, wrinkles, redness, irritation, and flakiness all at once! Some anti-aging skincare lines can cause some side effects such as burning, stinging or itching – but this has none of that at all! It is calming and extremely soothing even to my very sensitive skin.

It is amazing that with a simple ingredient like Anogeissus, our skin’s elastic fiber can actually INCREASE PRODUCTION and become stronger! Over time, skin’s texture also becomes much smoother.

To be used: AM and PM
Price: $118 for 30ml / $160 for 50ml

Plantscription Youth-Renewing Face Oil

This Plantscription Youth Renewing Face Oil features an innovative non-acnegenic formula that specifically targets the “good” facial oils to create youthful and radiant skin.

It takes a new approach that specifically replenishes epidermal lipids that diminish with age – meaning that it has plant extracts in its formula that can actually mimic the skin’s natural lipids to ensure absorption and remain moisturized. Skin will become cushioned, supple, and strong.

This facial oil in particular isn’t heavy at all and can be used day and night! It penetrates easily and doesn’t feel greasy! If you’d like, you can simply add the oil to your moisturizer so you can use both at one shot for ease of usage.

To be used: AM and PM
Price: $86 for 30ml

Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-Aging Oil-Free Cream

This oil-free cream is relatively lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin, making it suitable for combination to oily skin. It also boosts an SPF of 25 which is great for added protection against UV Rays which are a huge factor in premature aging of the skin. It is formulated with Raspberry Stem Cells that helps improve skin firmness and boost moisture levels. And while it is true that you can never permanently erase wrinkles, this anti-aging cream will definitely fight a good fight for you.

To be used: AM only
Price: $110 for 50ml

Plantscription Anti-aging eye treatment

The anti-aging eye treatment is extremely lightweight and penetrates the skin easily. Despite its texture, it is ultra-hydrating and very rich, ultimately addressing issues of aging such as crows feet, cross-hatching lines, under eye troughs, and lid crepiness. At the same time, the eye area is visibly lifted and firmed up.

The eye treatment is concocted with the main ingredient of Anogeissus Tree Bark as well as Kombucha (which is fermented Black Tea) to encourage increase in elasticity around the eye.

For those with drier eye areas and are more prone to dry lines, there is a cream version available too.

To be used: AM and PM
Price: $78 for 15ml

Before/After 3 Weeks

After 3 weeks of usage, my bumps have disappeared quickly and painlessly! Spots-wise, they have also lightened pretty dramatically!

As you can see, skin looks firmer and smoother too. Though there are no big changes in pores, my skin’s texture has still shown great improvement! I would say what I am most happy about is how smooth my skin feels whenever I wash my face now.

I’m not praising myself here or anything, genetically my family members do look much younger than their actual ages! My dad, who is 67, looks younger than my many of my friends’ dads who are in their 50’s. So I will not say I now look like a 19 year old overnight hahaha. But! What I will mention is that my boyfriend has actually said my skin looks less saggy (ha ha.. harsh) and can see that there’s an overall radiance added to my cheeks!

Overall Thoughts

While the entire range as a whole is pretty awesome – as you can see from the results. I must say my FAVORITE product from the Plantscription range is the NEW Anti-aging Power Serum! 

And I know some of you may ask – how do I really know it’s the serum and not the other products? Well, I started realizing how amazing this serum was when I went to stay over at Ashley’s! I didn’t bring my whole set over because it was a bit cumbersome to do so, so I brought only a serum since Ash and I have used similar sets of products before and I only needed something extra.

Even on its own, this serum was a powerbank of goodness! Indeed anti-aging, I could feel my skin immediately more hydrated upon using this. My complexion tends to be easily dehydrated and agitated as well – so to have this soothe my issues really made me feel much better!

I do not have many lines and wrinkles per se.. or any.. really.. *fingers crossed* so I cannot speak for those with deeper furrows or issues. However! I tend to have quite a bit of lines appear when I smile, but this reduced that! I could feel the skin around my face to be more taut, and that was a definite plus! So much love for it!

Redeem your free 3 days supply of Plantscription Anti-aging Power Serum now: Or you can WIN yourself the full sized Power Serum here!


• BHG Bugis

• Isetan Scotts

• Metro Paragon

• TANGS VivoCity

• Robinsons Raffles City

• Robinsons JEM

• Robinsons Orchard

Natural is naturally better! ;)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sponsored Review: Urban Decay's Limited Edition Pulp Fiction Palette

Hey all,

any die hard Pulp Fiction fans here? I, personally, have never watched it (*gasp* I know, I know)... but I do know that this cult favorite has indeed garnered a huge following... and apparently one very large supporter is none other than Urban Decay! That's got to be a huge wow right there.

I shall dream of the day Urban Decay makes a palette about me... lol! Okay jokes aside, this palette was created to commemorate the TWENTIETH anniversary of the film their way - which naturally involves creating a very cool and extremely badass eye palette, inspired by the equally renegade Mrs. Mia Wallace.

Since she looked so amazing in the film, Urban Decay decided to key off her iconic look. Above, you'll see everything you need from them to recreate her sassy style. And whilst lipstick is important (a huge lipstick lover here!), let's not forget that our eyes are the window to the soul.

Hence, I'll be introducing the palette here today and you can read on to see the look I created!

About the Pulp Fiction Palette

This palette comes with 5 colors, as they are stated below:

RIGHTEOUS – light cream matte
TYRANNY – warm brown matte
VENGEANCE – deep taupe-brown matte-satin
FURIOUS – white satin
ANGER – black satin with slight tonal sparkle

These colors will ultimately enable you to recreate Mia's Edgy Look from the film with the above colors, three of which are brand new (woohoo)! Each shade features Urban Decay's Pigment Infusion System, the proprietary blend of ingredients which give every shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blendability.

Besides the eyeshdows, this palette also contains a shiny black case that features the fateful Ezekial passage from the film, a generous mirror, a blood-red double ended brush (one compact shadow brush and a multi tasker brush), as well as a "Get the Look" card which comes with step-by-step instructions for creating a modern version of Mia Wallace's look from the film.

Look Created

Here is Mia Wallace, in case you don't know what she looks like. I got to say, she's really got the whole sex siren thing going on - and you gotta admit that it's hella hard to pull off that sizzling look when you're sporting a typical kiddy haircut (did any of you have those when you're young? I did - and I looked so much closer to dorky than sexy).

As you'd notice, her eye makeup really isn't THAT heavy. Just a winged eyeliner and a rather neutral smokey eye.

However, I thought that might not quite do the palette any justice. The colors were gorgeous and would create such a beautiful smokey look. So instead, I thought I'd create MY version of the Mia style and see how it played out.

As you can see, I focused the lighter colors such as Righteous and Furious inside and the darker ones such as Tyranny and Vengeance towards the outer corners. The colors were then blended together for a better gradient! It was really easy and simple.

I then used Anger to focus closer to my lash line to act as an "eyeliner" of sorts! If you notice, the colors I used were pretty strong and covered a great area of my eyelid, but that's mostly because I have hooded eyelids (urgh.. Really dislike this) and hence.. most of these details are missing the moment I open my eyes!

Luckily though, you can see the darker corners peeking out sufficiently for the smokey eye look, and I topped up with liquid eyeliner for a more intense look ;). You can choose to do the same as I did, or simply go with the eyeshadows alone. It's all up to you, that's the beauty of very versatile colors!

Overall Thoughts

First off, as you must all be wondering - what do I feel about the texture?

Well, it was indeed buttery and soft! It was easy to lift it off pan and apply onto the eyelids. Plus, on the blendability scale it's way up there. Lightly sweeping the colors together with a blending brush was a dream as they went together beautifully. Beginners definitely wouldn't find any difficulty in using this palette, and the brush(es) given will prove equally useful! Though it may look short, it actually aids in application because it is easier to control and hence create looks easier.

The color was lasting and stayed on even when I didn't wear any primer. Those swatches on my hand didn't even fully go off when I rubbed them off with a tissue, so that should give you a vague idea.

HOWEVER! I feel I must say this. If you're going for a very strong smokey look, do opt for a primer. If you own Urban Decay's ever legendary eyeshadow primer, please use it.

When I first created my look, it felt quite intense in real life but didn't look that way on camera - so I really had to pack it on. In the process, I got quite a bit of fall out under my eye area. Naturally this wasn't too attractive. Through the day, the color pigments I packed on also began to fall out.

What I assume is that this look was really more suited for.. perhaps 2 notches stronger than neutral (like Mia Wallace's in the picture above) as opposed to extremely bold.. so the color also wasn't meant to be so heavily applied. In that case, once again, use the primer if you'd like the shades to 'pop' out more. Not really a hassle, and is sure to keep you looking great all day.

If you truly find the eyeshadow not enough, then use some eyeliner to amp it up, it'll be just fine!

Oh yes, and since Halloween is on its way, why not take the chance and be Mrs Mia Wallace instead? With the help of this palette, you wouldn't even need a makeup artist! ;)

This palette is going for SGD $52 and is available at Sephora!

Go out and be your own sex bomb!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Tips and Tricks: Getting Over a Facial Allergy

Hey babes,

I've somewhat recovered from a facial allergy... in both senses.. meaning that it was on my face, and I got this allergy from a facial.

Please do not ask me the location of this facial place, because I do not believe it was the place itself. I'm not defending it, but I know of others who do the same treatment as I do over there and nothing happens to them.. so it's just my very sensitive skin.

If you, like me, have sensitive skin - perhaps due to too many procedures done before (I somewhat regret the lasers I did when I was 20, sigh) or too many products used, or very simply due to genetics - then you know that even the slightest trigger could set everything off horribly.

Well, I suffered enough and was traumatized enough from it to emerge with a few tips and tricks on conquering those blasted face allergies. True enough, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Hence, here are some suggestions you yourself can try out, should anything *touch wood* ever happen to you too!

1) Stay Off Harsh Products

I wasn't aware, after the facial, that the redness wasn't simply due to extractions alone. I thought it was pretty typical so I went home.. and applied... Vitamin A Gel. This was a big NONO. Even if you THINK you DO NOT have an allergy from a facial.. please don't do this till 24-48 hours later till you're certain.

Because what this did was totally strip my skin of any moisture it had left and turned my face into the Sahara Desert... After this, my pores grew to 10x their normal size, my face got extremely itchy and more pimples actually APPEARED than before.

Being an idiot once again.. I thought perhaps I needed to do a clarifying mask to get it all off.. but the mask itself was a little too strong and all my oil + moisture was now gone this time and I looked like a fool with a red face. Please, do not ever get yourself into my position. I didn't realize it was an allergy till the 3rd day, and thus it took longer to heal....

Remember: Be it an allergy or not, please stay away from harsh chemicals/gels, masks, or scrubs. Let your skin heal first to be sure.

2) Soothe Your Skin

If, unfortunately, you really do have an allergy like I did... then it's time for some soothing.

For me.. off-the-shelf hydrating masks only made my skin more unstable. I do not know if the rest of you have ever experienced this, but brands like My Beauty Diary or bLiv did have some chemicals in them that aggravated my already wonky skin... So perhaps wait till your skin is more stable and in recovery before using them..

To counter this, I used a self-made mask with some cotton pads and Avene's Thermal Spring Water. In total, I used about 5 cotton pads, sprayed them till they were soaked, then placed them all over the affected areas of my face: my forehead, cheeks, and chin. This worked miraculously and my skin stopped peeling and stopped being red! Also, whenever my skin got itchy, I would just spray more Avene water over my face and pat it in. It worked better than anything else!

I think you could use any type of thermal spring water you like, Vichy also has a pretty amazing one! Basically, anything with cooling properties like aloe vera would work well too!

P/S: Perhaps 2-3 days after slowly recovering, I also started using a tiny drop of Cold Pressed Avocado Oil in the night before I slept, and this seemed to help a lot with the dryness!

Remember: Less is more. Keep your skincare routine simple - maybe just wash your face and tone it with the Avene, Vichy, etc. Water first till your skin recovers.


I'm sure this isn't news to most of you, but I'm a stubborn soul so sometimes I forget because I'm too set in my ways. But the best thing to do when you just wake up is to down a cup of water! Perhaps 500ml would be the best; if not just ensure it's a cup of water. :)

This flushes out the toxins in your body and also gives a healthy kick start for the day. If you want more information, then read this.

This couldn't be better especially during a time you're suffering from an allergy. The "dirt" in your body gets out and you get to recover much faster. After which, during the day, perhaps set a mug of water in front of you wherever you are, and remember to finish it every hour! This should accomplish your 8 Cups of Water a day easily, and helps you stay well hydrated!

Remember: There are so many benefits to simply drinking water, so please don't forget to drink up!

4) Go Gentle

When it comes to washing your face, be gentle! Using a cleansing milk might be the best option. Try to stay away from anything that foams for the moment as your skin could turn drier! A cleansing milk is gentle on your skin and strips away the impurities without taking away your essential oils!

Moreover, when massaging the milk in, don't use cleansing devices such as brushes (eg. Clarisonic), sponges, or muslin cloths in the meantime. Your fingers are more than enough at this point. They can even be abrasive if you put too much pressure!

Your skin requires a lot of care at this point of time, so try your best to treat it as such.

Remember: Do not aggravate the skin further with strong facial cleansers or devices. Lightly massaging with your fingers is more than enough and your skin will thank you.

5) Avoid Makeup

Ah I was so guilty of this during the week when my allergy first struck! I had events to attend and people to meet, so I felt that putting on makeup was necessary. Looking back, perhaps cancelling on those events would have been the better option for me.

I realized that ANY skincare I used that sucked even more moisture out of my skin - even if it said it was for dry/sensitive skin. My face just didn't like/appreciate it. I look back now, and realize, that if I just stayed away from makeup (SUNBLOCK INCLUDED!), my skin would have healed so much faster. Sigh...

If you have no choice but to wear makeup to work, keep things light and simple. Perhaps a very very small amount of BB Cream and loose powder should suffice.. but please remember to cleanse THOROUGHLY when you get home.

Personally, I am lucky enough to have a workplace that allows me to come in barefaced.. so I am highly grateful to that. If you could do that too then I highly recommend it!

Remember: Makeup can make you look better temporarily and for that day - in the long run, you might regret it. Do weigh out long term vs. short term gain!

6) Do Not Freak Out

I. FREAKED. OUT. This means I started testing with everything under the sun to get better, as opposed to doing what I SHOULD HAVE. Which was pretty much why my skin got worse before it got better.

I just wanted to get well ASAP instead of taking things slowly and letting my healing take place. So i went berserk. I bought all kinds of products immediately, not caring if they all would clash when used together... which is obviously a big NONO duh.

So yes.. as per Point #1 and #2.. less is more. Go simple and you won't go mad.

Remember: Mental health is just as important as physical. Be positive and your body will follow suit!

- - 

My allergy is on week 3.... so yes it's going to take a total of a month to fully recover, but that's fine because its about 80-90% gone so I no longer want to throw my mirrors away. Most allergies take a month -3 months even, so don't give up too much hope okay! Things will always find a way back to being okay!

P/S: If you feel you look really horrid and don't want to go to a doctor or a Watsons to get products you need for your sensitive skin at that point of time, then shopping online would also be a great option for you! You can check out CupoNation in particular for AWESOME beauty deals, and get your well-deserved discounts! After all, some retail therapy is always welcome when we feel so horrid right? :)

Here's to youthful skin for all of us!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Advertorial: Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Range

Hey dears,

I'm here to share some products I've really really been enjoying lately!

As a 25 year old (boohoo), I am well aware of the need to use products that can help fight premature aging, so I was more than happy to review none other than the 24K Bio-Gold Water and 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream from the highly esteemed brand Bio-essence! :)

I'm sure many of you have heard great things about Bio-Essence before; some of my family members live by its Miracle Bio-Water and love it for its soothing, hydrating and toning qualities! But today, I'll be talking about 2 other 'Miracles' too, so do read more below to find out why I like them so much!

Why 24K Gold?

The one interesting thing to note about the two skincare items is that they both have the word "24K" and "Gold" inserted into their names!

Personally, when I think of 24K Gold, I think of jewelry. I think of really bright yellow-gold jewelry that was forcefully strung about my neck and ankles when I was a waddling 3 year old every Chinese New Year (remember those bells on anklets which rang wherever you went!?). I cannot say those are very fond memories..

Thankfully, Gold isn't quite simply used for (occasionally tacky) jewelry only! Long ago, since early ancient Egypt, the famous queen by the name of Cleopetra was already incorporating gold into her nightly skincare routine to keep her skin flawless, radiant and smooth!!

If you're wondering, though, WHY NOT ANY GOLD? WHY SPECIFICALLY 24K GOLD? Well, it's because it is the softest and most malleable metal, and thus can be made into flakes. Once these flakes are absorbed by the skin, it releases active gold ions rich in trace minerals which then promotes blood and oxygen circulation, thereby improving the skin's metabolism.

It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin that is already present in skin, and increases those collagen fibers to constantly keep skin firm and youthful. Altogether with it's high anti-oxidant power, skin is then protected from harmful free radicals and is able to defy signs of aging such as dry/dull skin/wrinkles.

Wow, that was a mouthful wasn't it? So let's jump into the products

24K Bio-Gold Water

Starting with the Bio-Gold Water first, this product is otherwise understood as an essence/lotion/serum. It is as light as water (literally!) and absorbs so quickly you won't believe it. It contains a high amount of pure gold flakes up to 98%, which is greatly effective at enhancing the skin's metabolism rate and stimulating cell renewal.

It is so hydrating that your skin will feel drenched in moisture the moment you pat this in, and there is absolutely no residue or stickiness left behind AT ALL! *Woohoo!* In fact, the first time I used it, I was so shocked at how quickly it absorbed that I couldn't help but apply more just in case haha!


In seriousness though, you don't need to do what I did (my boyfriend calls me a Kancheong Spider!), you just need a 50-cent coin amount (the new coin not the old one lol) and just lightly pat it into your face. It's more than enough!

As you can see, just that small amount made my pores finer and smaller! Skin looks brighter and softer too! :)

Apply this twice a day, morning and night. Simply after cleansing, pour out a sufficient amount into your palm, then proceed to spread it over your face and neck and slowly pat it in till fully absorbed.

  1. FINE PORES: Tightens enlarged pores for a smooth fine texture
  2. FIRM & SUPPLE SKIN: Improves skin's elasticity to prevent sagging
  3. WRINKLE DEFYING: Plumps skin up to defy wrinkles and fine lines
  4. SEBUM BALANCING: Regulates moisture and sebum balance, leaving skin even and matte
  5. ENERGIZED: Skin looks youthful and healthy
  6. LUMINOUS RADIANCE: Restores a naturally glowing complexion
With all these factors combined, achieving your dream perfect skin is not difficult at all!

24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream

The Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream is truly an innovative product! It actually combines your DAY and NIGHT cream in one single packaging, placed in two different clever compartments etched with an image of a sun and moon! This way, you get to have the value and convenience of TWO products for the price ONE! How easy will travelling be!?

The best part is that you get to achieve TWO TIMES the anti-oxidant power to protect your skin from free radicals! Imagine - 24 HOURS of luxurious treatment with Nano-Bio-Platinum and sun protection of SPF 25 PA+++ in your moisturizer in the morning, and amazing anti-oxidants with 24K Gold infused into your skin at night!

If your working place, especially, is air-conditioned, then this is great news for you because your skin gets to feel hydrated no matter what!

Usage of Platinum in Day Cream:
Gold may have its benefits, but don't be too quick to write Platinum off yet!

It is known as the rarest and most stable form of metallic element, and provides skin with needed nutrients whilst maintaining electric balance in the skin so that it cannot be harmed by negatively charged particles in the environment.

The day cream is infused with a high percentage (at 99.5%) of Platinum which helps defy signs of aging SO MUCH BETTER!

Just apply the Bio-Platinum Cream in the morning (section marked with the sun) and the  24K Bio-Gold Cream at night (marked with the moon) to your face and neck! Then massage in gently till cream is fully absorbed. Personally, I rather pat it in than massage because I don't want to pull my skin too much, but to each their own! :)

As mentioned above, the two creams, used one after another, provides skin with 24 Hours of protection and treatment, ultimately boosting anti-aging properties that leave your complexion smooth, glowing and youthful!

How to Use

The two are a complementary duo whose effects are best shown when used together in the skincare regime (on face and neck) for youthful glowing skin. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THE NECK AREA!

Also, always remember to use the Bio-Gold Water before the Cream.

In the morning: Cleanse, Bio-Gold Water, Platinum Day Cream
At night: Cleanse, Bio-Gold Water, 24K Bio-Gold Cream

If you're worried about the flakes appearing on your face - DON'T! As seen in the individual product sections, the flakes absorb super easily and your face won't be a sparkly mess! It will only be aglow with radiance! :D

Overall Thoughts

I am so impressed by this range. Many people know me to not use many drugstore skincare products because I have such sensitive skin and some products can just set it off. Once, I got an allergy from another drugstore brand which I shall not mention, and it took me 3 weeks to recover from spots and redness! :(

Since then, I've been sticking to higher end brands, going up to the hundreds in costing, which have been tried and tested to work on my skin type... but somehow always felt my wallet getting too light for my liking.

Thank goodness this was sent to me to change my entire mindset about drugstore brands, and I now know why people stand by this! At a reasonable price range for items that can last a long while, I say INVEST!

It not only solved my dry skin issue quickly, but also allowed my skin to stabilize even though I exist predominantly in air-conditioned environments! I literally only exist 2-3 hours a day with no aircon, so you can imagine how little that is. Despite this, my skin is never dry, only matte and comfortable!

Will I Repurchase

Yes! The Bio-Gold Water is truly VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY! At $45 for 150ml, that's literally half the price for 1/4 more product than SKII for those who would like similar effects with cheaper tag! I apply it to any dry area of my face, and instantly it is moisturized and baby soft!

Plus the Dual Cream is so so so convenient to take with me anywhere I go, and is easily one of the best absorbed moisturizers I have ever used! If you are looking for fast-absorbing and fast-showing effects, this is something you cannot miss out on!

Who is This Best for

This range is best for those in their early 20s to their mid 30s! I am in my mid-twenties already, and I really like it. It isn't too heavy formula-wise and definitely prepares my skin for graceful aging.

Stockists / Prices
  • 24K Bio-Gold Water (150g) - SGD $45
  • 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Cream (40g) - SGD $42
From the 1st October onwards, items can be purchased at Watsons, Guardian, Robinsons, John Little, NTUC Fairprice, OG, CK Department Store, Sheng Siong, BHG, SASA and selected mini cosmetic houses.

Here's to youthful skin for all of us!