Beijing 101 for your Hair Care Needs! (+ Giveaway)

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Recently, I was invited to Beijing 101 Hair Care Consultants for an interesting session to discuss more about their unique hair treatments. As someone who has always been blessed with a lot of hair (both sides of my family have A TON of hair), it never occurred to me to care much about what I have. Sure, I get white hair once in awhile and I drop quite a lot on a daily basis - but I always joked that I have so much left, that lessening it might be a good thing.

However, after having my own consultation and hearing what Beijing 101 has to say about hair care, I am very ready to take on a less blase position about my crowning glory - and perhaps this post will enlighten you about yours too!

About Beijing 101

Beijing 101 has been around for more than 40 years! Were you aware of that!? Because I definitely wasn't. In fact, I wasn't even aware of how clever the name itself was.

The reason it's called Beijing 101 is because their founder originated from Beijing and they use 101 PREMIUM GRADE Chinese herbs, that are specially grown and harvested under highly regulated conditions, for treating hair and scalp conditions! Chinese herbs treat the root of hair problems and are also gentle on the scalp. And though the general image of Beijing 101 is that they treat hair loss alone, that's actually not the case. They also deal with oily scalp and hair problems, dandruff issues, and many more. In fact, hair loss alone isn't such a simple case but I'll get into that later.

Beijing 101 ensures that their professional hair care consultants are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (also known as TCM) and their hair care products are of a prescription range and developed on their own by one of China's most accredited TCM physicians. They all have the necessary expertise to solve any hair and scalp problems for both men and women. Through detailed hair and scalp analysis, the hair consultants are also able to customize hair treatments for each customer.

Beijing 101's Hair Care Treatment is the choice of millions all over the world and is currently sold in over 60 countries including USA, England, Japan, etc.

Workshop Session

A few of us bloggers were invited to a cosy session with a hair consultant about their latest treatment technology for hair. The roller has many tiny needles on it which cause little pricks onto the scalp which cause blood vessels and capillaries to develop as a result. This encourages blood flow in the scalp which ultimately aids hair growth since hair fall is often linked to the lack of blood circulation.

What they do is use a roller with a special booster lotion to fully maximize the results. The lotion has ZERO alcohol in it, so that definitely means that you won't get that stinging sensation. At the same time though, do be prepared that your scalp can get a little red due to the tiny needles.

Of course, with needles means NO SHARING of the roller. Don't worry because every customer gets one roller to themselves for hygiene purposes. Naturally, some people may not be candidates for this treatment such as those with diabetes or pimples on their scalp as this may worsen their condition rather than improve it.

My consultation

Yikes! I was a little worried and hesitant when it was my turn because I wasn't expecting anything good. I've been experiencing on and off dandruff issues for awhile despite using anti-dandruff shampoo and have also been somewhat suffering from occasional itchy scalp so.. yes, naturally, I expected my consultant to be the bearer of bad news. Lol.

The consultant used a "scanner" of a sort to pinpoint areas of my head that were typically of concern for many others. As you can see above, it really goes right against your head to get a clear image.

So yes, here is a close up of my scalp. It looks disgusting and I apologize, but I'm really the one to blame for letting it get to this stage :(. Apparently, not only is my scalp not getting sufficient blood flow, it is also very oily and that's what's causing the my hair roots to look like they've been "iced over" with a thick glob of goo.

Most people assume that white hair is dead hair and part of life, but they don't realize that issues like an oily scalp also contribute to it. In my case, the disgusting blob of oil is blocking my my hair from growing out properly and is also denying my hair root of proper nutrition. Basically, it's "suffocating: the ends of my hair and that's what causing it to turn white... I felt a little sad hearing that, But at least I now know what steps to take to get rid of that unhealthy layer over my scalp and how to better take care - first step being to get a good shampoo for an oily scalp and not just for anti-dandruff alone.

And though yes, finding out such things about my hair wasn't exactly a celebratory affair (lol), I really would like to thank my consultant for being really gracious about it. She was in no way pushy or rude as what I've encountered outside before. I don't believe in and especially dislike it when a lot of people find it fine to package rudeness under the guise of "honesty" to make you feel belittled and cornered into purchasing something. This is definitely something to pride Beijing 101 on, and something I'm sure many of you readers will appreciate too! :)

If you think you face problems like I do (dandruff and increasing white hair *cries*), feel free to head down for a consultation and a Herbal Scalp Treatment that can help soothe and eliminate itchiness on scalp as well as deep cleanse within hair follicles to unclog impurities!



Head over to my Instagram @samanthajoyloh to check out how to win a TREATMENT VOUCHER WORTH $188! All you will need to do is answer a simple question, hashtag #Beijing101sg, tag 3 friends and that's it! The contest will be running till 19 April Sunday so don't wait any longer! :) Say goodbye to your hair problems the fastest healthiest way!

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Relaxing HydraOxygen Facial at Vedure Face, Body & Nail MediSpa

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I've recently had the honor of getting a HydraOxygen facial done at Vedure Face, Body & Nail MediSpa; and when I say honor, I mean it! Located at Wheelock Place (the address speaks for itself, really), the MediSpa is chic, luxurious and relaxing all in one. Speaking as someone who's been really stressed and busy lately, the invitation to try out one of their signature facials was heaven sent indeed: my comedones have been crying for extraction and my skin has been demanding for some pampering. So off I went on a lovely Saturday, and here's what I've to say about it!


First, as always, here's an introduction to Vedure Face, Body & Nail MediSpa. It was conceptualized by a team of Skin Entrepreneurs: skin specialists and beauty industry leaders who realized there existed a gap between the modern day clinics, traditional spas and beauty salons. 'Vedure' is a recreation of the word 'Verdure' which means flourish and lush - a description that suits the location to a T.

Vedure Face, Body & Nail MediSpa results-oriented vision of retaining youth and beauty for everyone, has been celebrated by magazines, big celebrity names, and everyone and anyone who sought and got the absolute finest in skin treatment and decadent spa treatments. It is the only Aesthetics Center in Singapore which offers a complete head to toe makeover under the beauty and medical umbrella.

My Facial Experience

Before my facial, I waited (or rather, lounged hehe) for awhile at the waiting area. First off, may I say this is the FIRST waiting area I've sat at where I've been astounded by what's around me.

In front of me was what appeared to be a JUICE BAR where customers could get refreshments and light snacks - I myself got a nice longan tea to start with. To the back of me was ROWS of skincare products and nail polishes of every color. That's because the Nail Spa was just to my left, with women getting their manicure/pedicure games on. They were treated to a stunning view of the city before their very feet (literally!) but alas, it was a pity I couldn't get a good shot.

I explained to WeiZhen, who was in charge of assigning my facial therapist to me, about my skin problems mainly being dullness, sensitivity, and comedones. My acne issues have been much improved since awhile ago but I still had a few problems to settle here and there. So I was recommended to a Hydro-Facial which would not only hydrate my skin, but also help with my pesky spots.

When I entered my facial room, I was speechless. I say that because, what's in the picture above is only HALF the room size. I think the facial room is larger than my actual bedroom.... I could've probably done a cartwheel in there. It was just... pure luxury. Anyway, when I could get my jaw to finally close, my therapist Mandy came in and got me started!

First, she gently but thoroughly removed my makeup. In actual fact, I wasn't wearing much makeup since I'm more of a sunblock only kinda girl but it still felt good to get all that gunk off my face.

Thereafter, I went through a second cleanse to make sure my skin was well prepped for the goodness of whatever was coming up next. Please don't be fooled by the nice skin you see here (yes, even I've got to admit it looks pretty good, haha!) because I've got plennnnnntyyyy of comedones to extract and I was kinda dreading it haha.

Check out the mist being sprayed out!
To make the extraction process slightly less scary, and painful, I was treated to this nifty piece of technology! The tool that you see above released high powered mini jets of water and oxygen onto my skin painlessly, and it actually felt extremely soothing. The purpose of that was to ensure my skin went through a deep cleansing and would thereafter be softer and the nasty whiteheads and blackheads would come out much quicker and easier.

What can I say.... extraction is never a lovely process. BUT!!! I must admit the previous jet spray of water definitely made it less painful. Coupled with Mandy's deft hands and very very very thorough removal, my complexion was definitely left a lot smoother and extremely clean.

There was a second spray of water and oxygen over my face for an EXTRA deep clean and to inject more moisture into my skin. It was such a lovely treat really, I half wished she would've done it 10 more times hahaha.

A mask was later spread onto my face (you know those really thick gel ones that later harden to feel rubbery?) to sooth my skin, hydrate it, and lessen the redness. My face lapped up all that goodness because, well simply put, it was so good! Haha. I loved how the coolness juxtaposed with the slight heat of my skin after the extraction - like a delicious popsicle on a hot summer's day.

After 20 minutes or so, the mask was removed and Mandy helped to apply MD Dermatics toner, MD Dermatics moisturizer and MD Dermatics sunblock for me. I was ready, though unwilling, to leave.

Fortunately for me, there was one LAST delight in store before I left. I got another cup of longan tea matched with a nuts & raisins granola bar! It tasted so good I was almost tempted to ask for more!

On the whole, it was really a terrific experience. Imagine being pampered from start to end -it's truly what anyone deserves after a difficult work week. I've already got half a mind to return and get all my necessary aesthetics done before my wedding (which is light years away............ lol). If you're still contemplating on giving this place a try, please just throw your doubts away and.... in the words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle of Parks and Recreation........

credits to:
Haha! I promise you won't regret it. :)


Here is my skin before/after the treatment: as you can see, my whiteheads have lessened considerably and my skin looks healthier and smoother. Also!!! It's so much more hydrated whee! :)

And here is me 2 weeks after!

I do still face the problem of enlarged pores and the occasional irritating spot here and there, but on the whole, really a quick effective deep cleansing facial. Thumbs up all around! Thank you Vedure Face, Body & Nail MediSpa for inviting me down, the pleasure is all mine.


Vedure Face, Body & Nail MediSpa
501 Orchard Road
#04-06 Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880

Contact them at:
6732 488 or
6235 9101

Disclaimer: This treatment has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.

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5 Ways to Support Someone with Depression

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More and more people are starting to deal with depression in their lives, especially during times like these where workplaces are highly stress inducing and lots of social pressure is flying about. As a blogger, it's easy for me to feel inadequate to many others who've made it big or basically doing much better in comparison. I believe many other people feel this way in their respective industries.

The thing is, it's sometimes hard to know when someone is battling depression. People think it's easy to spot on the outside - someone must be cracking, crying, or sulking surely? Well, actually that's not true. People with depression can smile outside but are lonely and sad inside (read THIS if you'd like). So what can you do when someone you never expected to have depression, has it, and finally turns to you for support? Read on to find out.

HEADS UP: There'll a few tons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S gifs through this post, some parts because I find them suiting and lightens the mood haha, but mostly because I just love the show.... by that I mean I love Chandler.

When I say 'Listen' I think a lot of people are telling themselves, "Gee, that's simple!"

Erm no, it's not. I did not disclose my depression to many people, but to those that I did... some actually liked to cut me halfway whilst I spoke and gave me their opinion on what could fix me/my issues. That's not what I wanted at all. I wanted to talk, I wanted someone to listen.

The problem was that I FELT (because it's not necessarily true) that no one could hear me, and those people who talked over me only exacerbated that negative feeling.

So really listen, let them speak. No matter how trivial their issue is (we all have stupid things that bug us right?) or how "easily solvable" their problem seems to be... let them speak. Hear them out, because one wrong thing you say could make the person clam up totally instead of opening up more.

I read THIS article lately on the association of rats and drugs and how the reader felt that LOVE was more than enough to cover the distance between the person with depression and the person who cares. Yes, to a certain extent love is needed to WANT to make the other person feel okay, but loving is sometimes not enough.

What these people feel sometimes is a disconnect more than lack of love. They could feel, yes my parents love me but they won't understand me. This is what I personally felt, which is why my parents never even knew of that dark period.

So try to connect with the person going through depression, see what they'd like to do and maybe do it with them so they won't feel so alone. I think the key is to make them realize you're there for them but not in a sympathetic manner - they need to know you WANT to be there.

Personally, my cousins would check in on me through messages even when we normally didn't text a lot. They would ask me out, distract me with other topics and what not. And during those times out, we never talked about my depression unless I brought it up on my end. They made me feel loved and cared for without actually reminding me of the issue. That was my "connect".

I'm not saying you should do this ALL the time because naturally humans tend to take things (no matter how good they are) for granted if they always get their way. Once in awhile though, do something out of character or duty to make the depressed person feel cherished.

My very close friend, who is basically a workaholic actually took leave one day to spend the day with me doing absolutely rubbish things like lying around, eating and joking. I never expected that person to, despite me asking for it (I anticipated a no) but he did. He did not make me feel bad about it, he did not constantly check his phone for work updates and he didn't message anyone else. He made sure I got the attention I needed and made me feel cherished.

To me, that was a wake up call to stop the self pity and sympathy because it was a SPARK of realizing, "Someone does care! I am not alone!"

You know the theme song for FRIENDS? Yeah, live it, haha. Be there for them.

I don't mean it literally where your body is pasted against theirs, but be available. Yes, you might be busy sometimes and you have your own things to do, but setting aside a few moments to reply their SMS-es or calls will make them feel good too.

Some people I know who battle depression actually are in that battle due to a lack of attention from friends or family, so when they do get it they can feel guilty for bothering someone but also feel happy they are talked to and noticed. Their depression might take awhile to tide over, or it could be done with quickly; either way, if they know you're unconditionally caring, that is still a form of solace.

Sometimes, what they actually need is therapy... There are different options like simple counselling/chatting to more serious medical counselling in hospitals/institutions. Of course, no one likes to be told they need therapy. People battling depression already feel lost, and being told they need "help" upfront makes them feel scared, intimidated, unwanted, or maybe all.

Perhaps you can always approach it in a more casual manner, see how open they are to talking to someone else besides you.

If the person in matter is strongly against it, don't force them or insist it's what they need. It's like that movie 'Inception' - you've planted the seed so let it grow. People with depression generally DO tend to think a lot so you can be sure they will reflect on what you say especially if they really respect and like you. If the person does say yes, you can always introduce options like their parents, close relatives and trustworthy friends. If they say they'd prefer a third party, then you can always source out therapy places for them. Some good choices are:

If all else fails, don't blame yourself. There are many types of depression. Some border on suicidal even and those closest to them may not be able to help at all. Don't beat yourself up or give up. That won't help you and it definitely won't help the person you're concerned about. Some depressed people tend to push others away or have their guards up so as to not get hurt, but this doesn't mean they don't deserve care all the same. Their barriers are there for a reason, so work with them through it.

I understand this article may not apply the same way to the whole spectrum of people who suffer from depression, but it is what helped me and it's in light of what I myself went through. If it does work for you, I'm glad, but if it doesn't or didn't, share your experience with me! I'd love to understand more and help a little more. :)

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Smooth, Tame Tresses with GlamPalm Styler!

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disclaimer: comb is not included in the set
For awhile, I've not been a fan of hair styling devices. I actually do own a curling wand, but I stopped using it after awhile because my hair kept getting fried. Eeeps! I actually did use hair protecting sprays and oils once or twice but those didn't work too well either. Eventually, I opted for sanity and softer hair by doing a Volume Magic Rebonding at Dusol Beauty and told myself never to burn my hair again.

However, I've been hearing things (GOOD THINGS) about GlamPalm, and most of them revolve around how using it actually gives them softer hair!? That was pretty hard to believe. I was also taken aback when these reviews also stated how the device could be used on hair directly without any protectant in between. So when I got sponsored the GlamPalm GP313 (mid size), I was both ecstatic and highly curious.

About Glam Palm
Using only the best technology and features, GlamPalm ensures maximum results with minimum effort! It doesn't even matter what type of hair you have, be it fragile, colored, coarse, or unruly - GlamPalm allows you to control the type of heat you require specifically.

In fact, it comes with 11 Heat Settings ranging from 100 degrees Celsius all the way to 200 , so you are always free to decide what is best for the hairstyle you want. For fine hair, you can go with 150-160 degrees, but thicker hair can go up to 180-200!

It comes with Healing Stone Technology which means it has special ceramic plates which are infused with their exclusive Healing Stone mineral so it does not damage the cuticle layer of hair even with everyday use. This special ceramic coating also ensures smooth sliding which prevents hair from being pulled out. Everyone can feel safe using it on a daily basis without the need of a heat protectant! Other amazing features include the 3D Swivel Pivot Cord, Light Touch Grip, Tilt and Cushion Plates as well as a Rapid Heat Up.

My GlamPalm Set

I love my Glam Palm set because it comes with a gorgeous clutch, and 2 clips (as seen more clearly in the cover picture!). The clutch is also pretty sturdy, which means it totally wins on the portability scale! Check out how it has those elastic loops for you to put your own comb and clips through, totally great design. Thumbs up.

STILL.... To me, the BEST PART is that the 3-pin plug can be changed out for a 2 pin plug with the simple use of a screw driver so you can use it in many countries so easily! It's really amazing how meticulous the thought process was when this was created.

How I Use It

I normally like the curled in look where my hair is pretty straight all over and curls in nicely at the ends because it's easiest and the fastest to do haha! Plus my hair can be a little unruly at times because it's layered so those around my shoulder length tends to curl out instead.

1) So what I do is (I have super thick hair) clip up the top parts of my hair first, then section the lower bottom into two parts after.

2) I switch my GlamPalm up to about 180 degrees and then proceed to put it through my hair. You will know it's time when the light stops blinking and remains blue.

3) Then I put it through a section and curl in the end focusing on it for 5 seconds.

4) I then proceed to do the rest of my hair the same way. Once I'm totally done, I'll look again in the mirror and see if I missed any (some remain curled out) and then just go through those areas one more time. I have pretty thick hair so this takes me about 10 minutes! The heat is really good and at a right temperature so it's really fast for me to do this and go.

Overall Thoughts

I think the first time using this can be pretty tricky because it's all about getting that temperature and curl of your hair right. Start from the lowest and see how it works out for you before proceeding to higher temperatures. This means that the first time you do try this out (if you're not a hair tong aficionado), try to allocate more time for yourself and not squeeze in just 5 minutes of your day.

Some reviews stated that people with frizzy hair slept in their styled hair overnight and had straight tame hair the next morning. I didn't do this personally but I did find that my hair stayed styled the whole day no matter what the humidity was, and it DID stay quite soft and bouncy without the need for heat protectants! I really did enjoy having such glamorous hair and it's great for those who find their hair losing shape after half a day - GlamPalm ensures your mane remains crown worthy as ever, so don't even begin fretting about that.


They're currently having a promotion of $20 off (going from SGD$285 to $265), but if you quote "SA15" you can get ANOTHER $15 off! Woot! :D Simply head over to GlamPalm to purchase yours now. Remember, some other hair devices may be cheap and accessible but at the end of the day, quality always comes first.

All units ordered over the weekend will be shipped out on Monday. For orders before Friday, next day delivery is offered for purchases made after 11am. For orders on Friday, same-day delivery is offered as long as the purchase is made before 11am.

Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.

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Shu Uemura's Lacque Supreme for Long Wearing Color

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I'm a huge lover of lip products - mostly because I find them the most versatile and require the least amount of effort in looking good! After all, almost everyone will agree, the perfect lip color is more than enough to brighten up the whole face (yes, even if you choose to go without base and eye makeup!).

So when Shu Uemura approached me with this revolutionary lip tint/gloss all in one, I knew I just had to try it out. I have heard tons of raves whilst in the beauty industry myself, and now I can finally join along in advocating this masterpiece!

picture taken from: shu uemura website

The Lacque Supreme is a collaboration between Shu Atelier and Yamada Heiando, a famous lacquerware provider to the Imperial Household of Japan.

Inspired by the premium Japanese lacquerware, the Lacque Supreme aims to bring out the unique characteristics of the Japanese term of "Urushi", derived from the terms "Uruwashii" and "Urusou" which mean beautiful, moist and luxurious. Combining highly intense color and brilliant shine, the Lacque Supreme hopes to let every individual express their unique characters with 15 statement shades (5 Limited Edition ones and 10 Permanent Ones).

Color and Texture

This is just a glimpse of the many colors available. You can always see more colors HERE with their brilliant swatches. The 5 Limited Edition colors are RD02, PK03, BG01, BG03, and WN01.

Credits: Samanthashley_ Instagram
Personally, I went with RD01, OR01 and WN02! I didn't choose the LE colors because I wanted colors that were more me. I do have many lip colors, but staples are always the most important! Unless you're a collector who really MUST have the LE versions, choosing a color that is an everyday choice would be great, especially when it comes to this particular product.

Why do I say that? Because the texture is unbelievably amazing and comfortable enough for everyday wear. I say this as someone with dry lips and a huge penchant for licking/chewing on them whenever I'm stressed at work. The color is VERY INTENSE and yet does not come off onto my teeth, it doesn't easily fade off despite the constant lip-biting and still feels moisturized without the need for a lip balm!

When you first apply this, you will smell a fragrance. I won't say it's ovewhelming or something you'd be very bothered by. Once it sinks in, you will hardly to never notice. Since this product promised to ADHERE to my lips, I was anticipating a very viscous and somewhat dry texture. However, the product was smooth, almost watery and was EXTREMELY easy to apply. I didn't have to drag it across my lips nor did I have a lot of trouble getting it to fill in my cupids bow thanks to the applicator which has a unique ergonomic shape that fits the curve of my lips for thin, even, and precise contouring.

I could eat, drink and be merry without much care about the color feathering out into a hideous lipliner look because it faded ever so gradually and evenly. At the same time, it never completely went away so a lovely shade of color always remained on my lips.

My favorite shade: WN02
A great red to have: RD01
That being said though, my ONLY gripe about this is that it is end of the day, rather glossy; as I'm not a huge gloss lover (cue wind blowing and hair sticking onto lips), this bothered me a little. Not too much though because I could always wait it out for a minute or two, dap off the excess gloss with a tissue and head out with a more matte finish.

Overall Thoughts

I have been officially won over by this amazing product and it is something I throw into my bag whenever I head out even when I'm barefaced. JUST IN CASE I have a last minute dinner to attend or someone to meet, I know a quick swipe of this is more than enough to make me look fresh and awake.

For those wondering if it could double up as a blush, I suppose a quick tiny dab of it on the cheeks will work but due to the glossiness, it might not be too suitable for those with oilier skins. Perhaps for those with dry/normal skins, this could work out with a sweep of loose powder over.

It's quite a significant amount in the tube and for just SGD $40, I say this is an investment you should definitely make. Simply head down to any Shu Uemura counter to try on what suits you best. Stay beautiful babes!

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