GlamPalm for Glamorous, Smooth, Tame Hair!

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disclaimer: comb is not included in the set
For awhile, I've not been a fan of hair styling devices. I actually do own a curling wand, but I stopped using it after awhile because my hair kept getting fried. Eeeps! I actually did use hair protecting sprays and oils once or twice but those didn't work too well either. Eventually, I opted for sanity and softer hair by doing a Volume Magic Rebonding at Dusol Beauty and told myself never to burn my hair again.

However, I've been hearing things (GOOD THINGS) about GlamPalm, and most of them revolve around how using it actually gives them softer hair!? That was pretty hard to believe. I was also taken aback when these reviews also stated how the device could be used on hair directly without any protectant in between. So when I got sponsored the GlamPalm GP313 (mid size), I was both ecstatic and highly curious.

About Glam Palm
Using only the best technology and features, GlamPalm ensures maximum results with minimum effort! It doesn't even matter what type of hair you have, be it fragile, colored, coarse, or unruly - GlamPalm allows you to control the type of heat you require specifically.

In fact, it comes with 11 Heat Settings ranging from 100 degrees Celsius all the way to 200 , so you are always free to decide what is best for the hairstyle you want. For fine hair, you can go with 150-160 degrees, but thicker hair can go up to 180-200!

It comes with Healing Stone Technology which means it has special ceramic plates which are infused with their exclusive Healing Stone mineral so it does not damage the cuticle layer of hair even with everyday use. This special ceramic coating also ensures smooth sliding which prevents hair from being pulled out. Everyone can feel safe using it on a daily basis without the need of a heat protectant! Other amazing features include the 3D Swivel Pivot Cord, Light Touch Grip, Tilt and Cushion Plates as well as a Rapid Heat Up.

My GlamPalm Set

I love my Glam Palm set because it comes with a gorgeous clutch, and 2 clips (as seen more clearly in the cover picture!). The clutch is also pretty sturdy, which means it totally wins on the portability scale! Check out how it has those elastic loops for you to put your own comb and clips through, totally great design. Thumbs up.

STILL.... To me, the BEST PART is that the 3-pin plug can be changed out for a 2 pin plug with the simple use of a screw driver so you can use it in many countries so easily! It's really amazing how meticulous the thought process was when this was created.

How I Use It

I normally like the curled in look where my hair is pretty straight all over and curls in nicely at the ends because it's easiest and the fastest to do haha! Plus my hair can be a little unruly at times because it's layered so those around my shoulder length tends to curl out instead.

1) So what I do is (I have super thick hair) clip up the top parts of my hair first, then section the lower bottom into two parts after.

2) I switch my GlamPalm up to about 180 degrees and then proceed to put it through my hair. You will know it's time when the light stops blinking and remains blue.

3) Then I put it through a section and curl in the end focusing on it for 5 seconds.

4) I then proceed to do the rest of my hair the same way. Once I'm totally done, I'll look again in the mirror and see if I missed any (some remain curled out) and then just go through those areas one more time. I have pretty thick hair so this takes me about 10 minutes! The heat is really good and at a right temperature so it's really fast for me to do this and go.

Overall Thoughts

I think the first time using this can be pretty tricky because it's all about getting that temperature and curl of your hair right. Start from the lowest and see how it works out for you before proceeding to higher temperatures. This means that the first time you do try this out (if you're not a hair tong aficionado), try to allocate more time for yourself and not squeeze in just 5 minutes of your day.

Some reviews stated that people with frizzy hair slept in their styled hair overnight and had straight tame hair the next morning. I didn't do this personally but I did find that my hair stayed styled the whole day no matter what the humidity was, and it DID stay quite soft and bouncy without the need for heat protectants! I really did enjoy having such glamorous hair and it's great for those who find their hair losing shape after half a day - GlamPalm ensures your mane remains crown worthy as ever, so don't even begin fretting about that.


They're currently having a promotion of $20 off (going from SGD$285 to $265), but if you quote "SA15" you can get ANOTHER $15 off! Woot! :D Simply head over to GlamPalm to purchase yours now. Remember, some other hair devices may be cheap and accessible but at the end of the day, quality always comes first.

All units ordered over the weekend will be shipped out on Monday. For orders before Friday, next day delivery is offered for purchases made after 11am. For orders on Friday, same-day delivery is offered as long as the purchase is made before 11am.

Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.

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Shu Uemura's Lacque Supreme for Long Wearing Color

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I'm a huge lover of lip products - mostly because I find them the most versatile and require the least amount of effort in looking good! After all, almost everyone will agree, the perfect lip color is more than enough to brighten up the whole face (yes, even if you choose to go without base and eye makeup!).

So when Shu Uemura approached me with this revolutionary lip tint/gloss all in one, I knew I just had to try it out. I have heard tons of raves whilst in the beauty industry myself, and now I can finally join along in advocating this masterpiece!

picture taken from: shu uemura website

The Lacque Supreme is a collaboration between Shu Atelier and Yamada Heiando, a famous lacquerware provider to the Imperial Household of Japan.

Inspired by the premium Japanese lacquerware, the Lacque Supreme aims to bring out the unique characteristics of the Japanese term of "Urushi", derived from the terms "Uruwashii" and "Urusou" which mean beautiful, moist and luxurious. Combining highly intense color and brilliant shine, the Lacque Supreme hopes to let every individual express their unique characters with 15 statement shades (5 Limited Edition ones and 10 Permanent Ones).

Color and Texture

This is just a glimpse of the many colors available. You can always see more colors HERE with their brilliant swatches. The 5 Limited Edition colors are RD02, PK03, BG01, BG03, and WN01.

Credits: Samanthashley_ Instagram
Personally, I went with RD01, OR01 and WN02! I didn't choose the LE colors because I wanted colors that were more me. I do have many lip colors, but staples are always the most important! Unless you're a collector who really MUST have the LE versions, choosing a color that is an everyday choice would be great, especially when it comes to this particular product.

Why do I say that? Because the texture is unbelievably amazing and comfortable enough for everyday wear. I say this as someone with dry lips and a huge penchant for licking/chewing on them whenever I'm stressed at work. The color is VERY INTENSE and yet does not come off onto my teeth, it doesn't easily fade off despite the constant lip-biting and still feels moisturized without the need for a lip balm!

When you first apply this, you will smell a fragrance. I won't say it's ovewhelming or something you'd be very bothered by. Once it sinks in, you will hardly to never notice. Since this product promised to ADHERE to my lips, I was anticipating a very viscous and somewhat dry texture. However, the product was smooth, almost watery and was EXTREMELY easy to apply. I didn't have to drag it across my lips nor did I have a lot of trouble getting it to fill in my cupids bow thanks to the applicator which has a unique ergonomic shape that fits the curve of my lips for thin, even, and precise contouring.

I could eat, drink and be merry without much care about the color feathering out into a hideous lipliner look because it faded ever so gradually and evenly. At the same time, it never completely went away so a lovely shade of color always remained on my lips.

My favorite shade: WN02
A great red to have: RD01
That being said though, my ONLY gripe about this is that it is end of the day, rather glossy; as I'm not a huge gloss lover (cue wind blowing and hair sticking onto lips), this bothered me a little. Not too much though because I could always wait it out for a minute or two, dap off the excess gloss with a tissue and head out with a more matte finish.

Overall Thoughts

I have been officially won over by this amazing product and it is something I throw into my bag whenever I head out even when I'm barefaced. JUST IN CASE I have a last minute dinner to attend or someone to meet, I know a quick swipe of this is more than enough to make me look fresh and awake.

For those wondering if it could double up as a blush, I suppose a quick tiny dab of it on the cheeks will work but due to the glossiness, it might not be too suitable for those with oilier skins. Perhaps for those with dry/normal skins, this could work out with a sweep of loose powder over.

It's quite a significant amount in the tube and for just SGD $40, I say this is an investment you should definitely make. Simply head down to any Shu Uemura counter to try on what suits you best. Stay beautiful babes!

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Stay Matte with Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR Liquid Foundation


I'm no foundie-lover actually. I'm an extremely lazy kind of person - if you noticed, this blog has been largely about ways to look good as effortlessly as possible lol (hence the eyelash extensions and lip embroidery). I'm all about getting ready in less than 10 minutes and heading out of the house, so when I got this foundation I was a little.... unsure. I haven't used heavy liquid foundations since 5 years ago perhaps. But with all the hype going around this, I knew I had to dive in.

photo credits: Elizabeth Arden Singapore
Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR Liquid Foundation with a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen of SPF15 boasts advanced shine control ingredients that are time released to absorb oil throughout the day for non-stop complexion perfection. It is also climate-resistant which means its formula can withstand humidity, heat, and moisture (perfect for us here in Singapore!)

photo credits: Elizabeth Arden Singapore
It is lightweight, velvety and comes with medium to full coverage. It blends effortlessly into the skin, perfecting tone for naturally flawless coverage that claims to stay put for 24 hours with minimal to no transferring or rubbing off. Since it is infused with time-release shine-control technology and environmentally adaptable micro-algae extract, the foundation is intuitive and recognizes skin's oil levels so as to control excess sebum ALL AT THE SAME TIME without clogging pores at all!

The additional benefits of Vitamin E ensure that skin remains protected, looks healthier, smoother and softer. The Broad Spectrum SPF15 shields the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Packaging and Swatches

The packaging is extremely luxurious. It comes in a glass bottle which has pretty good weight to it and has a lovely gold colored pump. As with all pumps, it's great because it's hygienic but not so great when the product is starting to finish and you can't get those final drops you'd desperately like to reach. The glass bottle also kinda scares me in a way that I can't take it out to the gym or holidays much... so my recommendation is to transfer a good amount into a smaller plastic container.

I have a small face and 1 pump is MORE than enough for me (from what I tested at the recent Elizabeth Arden event). 1 pump would be sufficient for most, though you could probably add half a pump more if you'd like to really blend all the way down to your neck, and for fuller coverage.

Here are the swatches I did for FOUR colors (the one in the bottle is 02 Cream Nude, which I did not open). As you can see, 01 and 03 are lighter colors whilst 04 and 05 would be better for those who are more tanned.

01 is good for those who are currently using MAC's NC15 as it is very very light. I do think fairer skin girls who have problems getting a good foundation match would really appreciate this. I think I'm an average skin tone (NC25 or so) and 03 Soft Shell suits me amazingly. This product doesn't oxidize much, so getting the right tone right off the bat would be most important. I know some who purchase lighter tones with oxidation in mind, but try to refrain from that with this foundation.

Anyway, they do have foundation-matching technology at their counters to get the best shade for you, so don't be shy and just try it out! :)

Personal Usage

My shade is 03 Soft Shell. As you can see, it blends really beautifully into my skin above. It doesn't rest into my fine lines and looks extremely natural. I really like that it dries seamlessly as well without any nasty patches or dry spots.

My skin has recently been experiencing quite abit of dryness though, I don't know if you can see but my nose is peeling slightly. Due to this sudden drought on my skin, I decided to apply the foundation (from the center of my face working outwards) with a Beauty Blender since there would be more moisture on the sponge and the spreading out would be much easier. Perhaps with oilier skins, you can use your favorite brush, but with drier skins like mine, fingers or sponges would be more ideal.

Personally, I LOVED the finish of the foundation though I cannot say I will use it too often since I am much more a everyday-sunblock-and-lipbalm-only kind of girl. I used this for a dinner out and went to work in the day. It lasted me (without ANY powder) a good 15 hours. It could've lasted more, just that I was home already and decided to remove it.

The oil control was superb especially for my forehead area and it covered my pores by a good 70-80%. If my skin was a little more moisturized, the finish would've been a lot more flawless. The color really didn't oxidize, and if it did I would gauge it at a MAX of 5% which is infinitesimal. Basically, my skin remained matte the whole day (though the dryness softened over time with slight secretion of oil), and despite being in this state, it never felt tight or dry. This is definitely a superb product and I could totally see myself using it for DnDs, weddings, and huge events. For those who want a day-to-night foundation with great coverage and minimal fuss, then this is for you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.

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Monthly: Sam's January and February Favorites


Wow, okay the months of January and February kind of flew by like that, that's very scary. I didn’t even realize, and my apologies too, that I totally forgot to do my favorites for January! Soooo I decided to combined the two months and make a list of 10 items! Excited? Well you should be, let’s start!

- - 


IDS Clinic's C+

I mentioned this in my IDS #1 post already, but I feel this needs to be repeated again. I LOVE THIS!!! AHHH!!! My boyfriend hates the term "Super Love" lol but I really super love this! My face just looks so bright! I used to have a really huge issue with my uneven skin tone and I hated how my forehead was so much darker than the rest of my face. But no longer!!! My face is now fairer, more even and all round glowy! It also treats acne and lessens its redness, to add to its list of awesomeness. Seriously, if you have a chance to try this out, I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do! Vitamin C also helps in boosting our skin's defense against UV exposure, which is awesome for us anti-aging activists.

Price: SGD $135
Stockist: IDS Clinic

Lucas PaPaw Ointment

One of my Beauty IG-friends from Aussie gave this to me and I AM IN LOVE. I've heard so much about it but never got around to trying it and can I say.... I'm just in awe at how much it can do. I remember once paying $80 for a tub of Egyptian Magic that actually could lose out to this amazing ointment. Egyptian Magic always had that funky smell but this doesn't at all. While this cannot be a moisturizer per se, it's really amazing as a lip balm (hellooo gorgeous smooth lips) and for putting on mosquito bites. I also put it on my HUGE RED cystic acne that was peeling, and it turned pink and softer the day after! WOOHOO! Do remember to use this preferably if you sleep with aircon though.. I'm not sure how the humidity plus the tackiness of the ointment will go together.

Price: Unknown as this was a gift
Stockist: Australia, though I heard Qoo10 sells it!

Murad Acne Treatment Concealer

I was previously using Dr Hauschka's in shade 02 and which I loved.. However, I'm not sure if I got more tanned or something.. the shade got way too light. I didn't even notice till my boyfriend asked, "Why do you have a white patch on your face!?" And I realized.. It was time for something new.

I stumbled upon Murad's when I was in Sephora and tried it on; of which, the moment I did, my boyfriend actually commented, "Hey! This covers up really well!" So I got it. Whilst a lot of people hope for treatment concealers to TREAT their acne... I didn't quite purchase this for the same reason. I got it because my face is really suffering a bout of hormonal acne that's red and inflamed so I just wanted a concealer that wouldn't exacerbate the situation. I know most people recommend normal cosmetic concealers for acne but I think having one specifically made for treating pimples just sets my mind so much more at ease. I can't say it lasts TOO long because touch ups might be necessary especially on oily areas, but the color suits me to a T (I would say I am an N20-25)! I love how, now, I can go out even with red spots on and not feel so self conscious because they're covered so well!

Price: About SGD $57
Stockist: Sephora

Too Cool for School's Artclass Impasto

I tried this out at work for a shoot once, and my boss, the model and I were all like, "Wow this is really pretty!" So I kind of knew off the bat that I had to get one for myself. Whilst the color isn't anything new in the market, it's a perfect kind of flush pink. You don't need a lot, just swipe a bit on your fingertip and just blend it in for a very very natural blush! I really like it because I normally wait for my blushes to settle over a few hours before the pink looks like what I've got on when I use this. It lasts pretty okay, a few hours there or so, but since the blush size is so portable and can be used with (CLEAN!) fingers, it's not a hassle to me. The color, texture, and blendability more than makes up for it in my opinion.

Price: SGD $22
Stockist: Too Cool for School Far East Plaza

13Rushes Round Powder Brush

I've used MANY MANY 13Rushes brushes before, and one of my favorite finishing brushes from them was their Limited Edition Brush that I featured in my October Favorites 2014. That one, I was particularly mad about because it felt like a cloud was whizzing past my face and evenly covering my face with powder hahaha. However, sometimes, I wanted more focused coverage because I don't always put powder on my WHOLE face - I usually only put concealer and then sweep loose powder over it.. So call me greedy, but I really wanted a finishing brush that could do BOTH.

Then this Round Powder Brush got sent to me and... well let's just say I found what I was looking for. This is slightly denser than the Powder Brush I was talking about above.. it's not so airy which means that it's easier to target specific areas. Its ultra-soft nonetheless, though slightly smaller and I think that lends to the sense of compactness of it. All the same, it still works amazingly for a whole-face application of powder and finishes off very beautifully. The best part is that it is made with Dryklon Bristles which allow the brush to dry TWICE as fast after washing!!! I think that's a huge plus point.

Price: SGD $26.50

- -


Shu Uemura Lacque Supreme

This was sent to me somewhat late in February, and the reason it's on this list AND THE TOP AS WELL is because it is just THAT amazing. The texture is that of a watery tint.... and yet it doesn't get dry like some tints do... it just... lasts! And it just stays as moisturizing as when you first put it on! Throw away your lip balms and primers because you don't need it when it comes to the Lacque Supreme. Imagine a gloss + lipstick + lip tint + primer all in one, and you've got this. Mad love. MAD LOVE!

Price: SGD $40
Stockist: Any Shu Uemura Counter

Elizabeth Arden Mineral Powder Foundation

For someone with sensitive skin, trying out makeup - foundation in particular - can be a nightmare. One wrong move and my whole face literally bursts out in tiny pimples, sigh. The first time I put this on was during an Elizabeth Arden event and I was pretty hesitant to try it because.. well.. call me OCD but the brushes have been used by other people and the powder wasn't brand new and I was so worried because I had just finished a facial..... You get where I'm coming from right?

Anyway, this swept on my face beautifully, gave it a nice soft even glow... and! DID NOT ITCH ONE BIT! I did not break out, I did not want to scratch my face, I did not ANYTHING. The powder was soft, fine, and made me look so natural! I got mine right after the event and honestly haven't been wearing any other powder since.

Price: SGD $62
Stockist: Any Elizabeth Arden Counter

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick

I got this from the event I attended recently (yes, the same event as mentioned above) and tried on this lipstick in Bold Red! This is ONE hydrating lipstick, I've got to say. It's of course, at the end of the day, a matte lipstick so it's not AS hydrating as the Shu Uemura lipgloss/tint but definitely a much much MUCH better options than the other matte lipsticks out there. It stays on for hours and even doesn't feather much after eating! Fade yes, slightly, but if you're thinking of those nasty lined effects around the lips after eating, this doesn't allow that to happen. It's definitely a great choice to take with you to those gala dinners or those DnDs you've got to attend and want to look fabulous the whole night!

Price: SGD $35
Stockist: Any Elizabeth Arden Counter

Atorrege AD+ Moist & Calming Mask

I purchased this after a recent DPL (deep penetrating laser) because my face needed hydrating and I didn't want to take the risk on drugstore masks since my face has been extremely wonky. So I got this and hooray! Happiness! It's a little on the expensive side but indeed my skin calms down and I can literally see how soft and bouncy my skin becomes after using this. A big thumbs up to this, and I truly recommend it to anyone with skin as sensitive as mine.

Price: SGD $79
Stockist: At Selected Watsons or Guardian

IDS Clinic's Lyco White Pills

These pills have been all the rage haven't they? Have you read about them in magazines and what not, because I have! And that's the reason I was so drop dead excited to try these pills out! What it is is basically an oral supplement that works as an oral sunblock as well as an inside-out whitening and evening out of the skin. It also aids in smoothing it out! I have only tried this for a month, but I must say that even after 2 weeks I started noticing my skin was getting slightly fairer. Of course, with my C+ my skin remained radiant as it was, but this really made it... I don't know how to explain without sounding weird haha! It worked in tandem with my C+ to really make my skin glowy! I could even see it when I removed my makeup. It may not work so quickly for everyone, but I was definitely impressed. Its safe for vegans and it's also Halal for Muslims! :)

Price: SGD $150
Stockist: IDS Clinic

- - 

Well I've reached the end of this post, I hope you guys haven't died from being overwhelmed by the number of products! Haha. I know how beauty products, especially many of the good ones (though I must mention this isn’t always the case), can be quite expensive. Some of those I named above can be pretty pricey too, eeks! But not to worry because there are many solutions for you out there.

In fact, HEADS UP, there’s currently a website known as ShopBack which can actually help those discount-hunters on places like Zalora and Luxola when it comes to beauty items! It actually works on a pretty cool concept because, offering discount coupons aside, ShopBack is also a cashback site! That means, for every purchase you make through them on their merchants, they will rebate part of it back to you as cashback, allowing you to save EVEN MORE on top of what you save from the discounts! WOOHOO!

As they say, “Good things must share” right? So I hope this post has helped you in more ways than one! ;)

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Sponsored Review: Automatic Beauty Single + Natural Eye Tapes


Today we'll be talking about AB eye tapes! So those of you with uneven eyelids or monolids can rejoice, hooray! :) We know what it's like to suffer from eyes that look like this o_O all the time - believe us, we've been there and done that.

It gets especially frustrating when it comes to makeup application and our eyeliners are thick on one side and thinned out completely on the other. We hear you girls, so we hope this post will be enlightening to those suffering such issues!

The Different Tapes + Packaging

There is actually a huge range of AB eye tapes (glue included), but we were sent the two shown above, which is the Single Eye Tape and the Natural Eye Tape.

I do not have single eyelids, but I do experience uneven eye lids, especially on days where I do not get enough sleep (ANYONE ELSE SUFFERING THIS!?). It makes me completely dread waking up the next morning where I know I'll wake up and look really weird somehow, plus applying makeup would just be a total hassle.

These two tapes come in handy in their own way for my eyelids, but in case you're wondering what tape might suit you best, you can always refer to this chart. Their website also has videos to teach you the different application methods. The back of the boxes also have some instructions and, even if you cannot read Japanese, they are pretty straightforward.

This is what you should typically receive. With each box, you get a "sheet" of eyelid tapes. They're all the same shape, which is actually pretty great because we've gotten some sheets with "left eyelid" and "right eyelid" tapes.. which eventually become unevenly used because of 1) messed up attempts 2) a well-behaved eyelid on one eye which does not require tape on a certain day.

These consistent shapes make it easier for you to adjust on your eyelids and also to take them out without worrying which "side" you can use that day, or which "side" has run out.

This is what they each look like closer up. As you can see, the Single Eye Tape has a more plastic-like texture and the Natural Eye Tape is made of a softer fabric-like material and has a matte-finish which is actually great to apply makeup on.

Thickness of Eyelid Tapes

As you can see from the picture above, the tapes are actually very thin which gives it extra plus points because it lowers visibility after usage onto the eyelid.

The width of the Natural Eye Tape (as shown above), measuring at 2.2mm, is slightly lower than the Single Eye Tape which measures at 2.5mm. Though difference wise, 0.3mm is hardly anything to notice, it means that the Single Eye Tape would be able to push up eyelids better and create a thicker lid. As mentioned above, since the Natural Eye Tape is more fabric-like, it is also much softer.

It is highly recommended that if you want a higher lid, you opt for the Single Eye Tape. If you want something more natural that you can apply eye makeup over, opt for the Natural Eye Tape instead.

Tapes When Worn
sorry for the slightly weird lighting!
So here you can see the comparison side by side! :)

The Natural Eye Tapes do heighten slightly but the finish is indeed natural and looks really pretty! For the Single Eye Tape, you get to have that "Ariana Grande" high eyelid shape and is really hard to notice the tape there unless you zoom in to have a closer look. Of course, this is just an option for you to see how well it holds higher up, but you can always feel free to lower it to a height you are comfortable with.

Both can be covered with the help of makeup, though I would suggest that - if you are going to use eyeshadow - you go with the Natural Eye Tapes instead. If you want to put eyeshadow/eyeliner and use the Single Eye Tape, put it on TOP of the makeup.

They're both very comfortable and you will probably hardly notice they are there, which make them a really great investment - especially for people who do wear them over long term and find that their eyelids end up staying permanently! :)

Stockist: Watsons, Guardian, Sasa and Beauty Carousel
Price: $19.90

Hope you enjoyed this post babes! A big shout out and thank you to Beauty Carousel for giving us these tapes to try out!

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